Yawn Your Hips Open<br>Claire Sparrow<br>Class 5038

Yawn Your Hips Open
Claire Sparrow
Class 5038

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I like these pre-pilates series,Thank you Claire!
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Thanks you Claire for this Yawn Your Hips Open class.  My tight hips feel so much better.  Very nice cues.
Much needed stretches hips are released thank you so much
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Claire, your classes are worth gold! Going back to small movements with the awareness you are pointing to, helps me immensely with my hip- and low back discomfort! thank you!
Eveline D
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Thank you So much for your incredible classes! You are an expert in my opinion and I am 100%if I knew this knowledge and practice during my whole career of professional ballet I would never have needed to get these two severe Hip surgeries that I had to suffer through! thank you, you make my world a better place
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Magnificent class! I will take this again and again! Thank you 
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I love this.  I came home from a long walk and then did this class.  It was wonderful.
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Another super class!
Cynthia G
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Absolutely love these classes.
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Hi there everyone, thank you again for such incredible feedback. It is so heartening to hear how useful this work is. It is my hope is that there is a ripple effect out into the world so more women can feel the support of this work & from our community.
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