Day 1: The Essential Flow<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5088

Day 1: The Essential Flow
Laura Hanlon
Class 5088

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Thank you Tess ! I hope you enjoyed the whole series!
Thank you Liselotte V ! So happy to see you taking classes on PA!
Gisela G
Thanks Laura! It all felt good
Elyse D
Great class!  Thank you!
This was perfect. I’ve broken my toe so no running or high intensity workouts for at least 6 weeks. I found this app and this workout was great. I Slightly modified it so no pressure on my toe. Thanks! My core feels fantastic😄
Natasha R
Ahhh...just what I needed!
Thank you Laura xo
So complete!
Great class!  I really enjoyed the pace and your cuing.  This is exactly what I needed.  I  feel great!
Ingrid H
Really enjoyed the pace of this class and all your cueing. Thanks for providing modifications for some of the exercises.
Ashley O
Loved this class! I loved how it’s accessible for beginners, but still really challenging and a great class for all levels. My favorite part was your transition between single straight leg stretch and leg circles. so seamless !
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