Day 2: Core Strengthening
Laura Hanlon
Class 5089

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Certainly brought some heat to the body.  Excellent class and looking forward to tomorrow
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Another great class Laura Thank you 😊
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Thank you Laura. Great direction. Bookended with super challenge the elbow pull backs and teaser finish! I feel accomplished.
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Wow, this was seriously ab-challenging! Thanks Laura. Looking forward to next class :))
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Really feels like new ways to target the abs ! You found the way to add  a spicy touch and some fun to the most efficient (and often painfull) among abs exercises ! It will certainly help to convince Fitness people that often fear that Pilates can’t do enough to improve  their six pack !
Thank you Evelyn !  
Fun workout! Flowing class with a nice variety of exercises. I've enjoyed the hundred as well as the criss cross variations.
Lovely and challenging an work, thanks!
Loved the pilates ball variations, thank you!
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