Day 2: Core Strengthening
Laura Hanlon
Class 5089

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Hello day 2 was too much pressure on my lower back, thought I’d try anyway. Still a great class & I will continue with the challenge. Very good instructions as new glass is always a bit challenging. Thank you
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Just loved this class. Had been wondering what to do with my Pilates ball. 🙏👍
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Love the overball as prop….abs on fire
I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the class Lorraine W ! I hope you will be able to continue to benefit from the challenge with any necessary modifications. 
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Another awesome class thanks!
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Lovely class x thank you
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Why am I already thinking ouch after having just completed this.  Great work out - great cueing!  Thanks.
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Day 1 & 2 we’re both great. Excellent cueing and instruction! The shake is real!
Loved this one! The overball is my absolute favorite prop!! 
This was a GREAT abs class, outstanding workout!
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