Day 2: Core Strengthening<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5089

Day 2: Core Strengthening
Laura Hanlon
Class 5089

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Chuhang G
Challenging class. There are a few exercises that are impossible without a ball though, so take note of it!
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Did I really click "like" after completing this intense class?  LOL  Of course I did. Such  excellent instruction.  Thank you.
Miri J
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Love the cues! Great class. 
Saphira B
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Wonderful and challenging class! Understandable and compassionate cues. Feels good all over.
Anne M
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Super. Love the cues and the challenge.
Gianna  A
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This was such a great class! I loved the ball moving around between hands for the swan variation & during teaser! The support under the back and neck for some of the ab work was really nice! Thanks Laura!
Katie W
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This was a fantastic class! I loved all the variations with the ball. I especially felt my obliques when pulsing on one side during the criss-cross section of Vacation Special as opposed to switching legs continuously!
Coral S
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This was a great class. I especially enjoyed the hundreds variation with the ball and pulses on the exhale, added some inner thigh work as well as deeper abdominal control!
Emma M
Wonderful class!! I loved all the additions and variations with the ball. The support under the neck during the vacation special was a really nice change. 
Som S
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Suprisingly, i quite enjoyed the videos so far.  No background noise to distract from the workout. I liked it alot
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