Day 5: Tone Arms<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5094

Day 5: Tone Arms
Laura Hanlon
Class 5094

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Third time taking this terrific class. Time to put it in my Favorites!  Thank you Laura.
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Great upper body class! I would like to have had a few stretching moves at the end to relax the muscles. Very good workout nevertheless.
Cynthia G
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Love the progressions through the series
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Fun follow-along class.  I felt like Laura was right in front of the studio.  Put this on a playlist and frequent rotation for those who wonder when they'll work out upper body in mat Pilates!
This has challenges for me so I definitely have room to improve. Excellent cueing! Great arm work.
Loved the last three classes in this series
Karin H
Great workout. Can you add an exercise list on this class. Thanks!
Saphira B
Wonderful, challenging class. I plan to repeat it often to build up arm strength. Thank you!
Amy B
Loved the teaser series Laura!  Thank you 🤗
Gianna  A
Wow great arm work class while still working with the whole body. That is so important. Not only do my arms feel strong, but core felt more work with the added weight. 
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