Hip Flexor Release Mat
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 5129

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Loved the opening with the wall! Lovely flowing class and great stretches at the end! Thank you!
Niamh O Wonderful! 🙌🏻
Monica W Thank you! Happy you like the stretches, they can come handy after any workout 😉

Monica D Thank you Monica. Glad you like the class 🙏🏼
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Loved this session so much. each and ever move had the hip flexor in focus. Tilaria Cavagna Thank you very much for sharing.
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Amazing release! Great before or I imagine after travel.  Hips feel renewed and very strengthening too. 
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Great class thanks.  Loved the rolling with a band - thought it would be 'easier' - but not quite - will incorporate into usual practise at times to level out.
Rosena S Thank you Rosena 🙏🏼 
Waller M YES! Travel or any situation where we sit for too long, affects the hip flexors and possibly triggers episodes of back pain. Happy it felt good 👍🏻
Annie R You are correct! In both "rolling like a ball" and "Open leg rocker", by using the elastic loop we force the posterior chain of muscles to work (mostly the hamstrings)...  it's not easy, but it's what we need 😉Thank you for joining me 😘
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