Fluid Full-Body Class<br>Kristi C and Meredith R<br>Class 5174

Fluid Full-Body Class
Kristi C and Meredith R
Class 5174

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Awesome workout - you guys are so great... love the banter and ongoing cueing conversations. 
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I’ve missed y’all! Awesome class, that sidebend stretch was delicious.
Michele P
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It is always a treat seeing you together because I know your class will be joyful, challenging, with new movements, and inspired cueing. Thank you Besties!
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A wonderful workout as always 😃. I appreciate all of your insightful cues and fun discussion back and forth!  It's always a pleasure to work out with the two of you 😉
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Thank you Thank you Thank you!   more more more!   Seriously  thank you
Thank you all so much for joining us!  Amy Preusser seriously! Thank you too! Until soon! 
Thank you all so much for spending your time with us!  We love to be together and we love to share our joy with you.  Katie F the bend stretch the the MOST best!!
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Lovely class! Great to see Meredith back -- more please!!
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Wunderful class!!! Could have been longer for me! Especially towards the end! 🤪Delicious Side Bend Meredith!!! Loved the Back Extension Kristi!!! Thank you very much!!!
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That side bend!!! Delicious. Thank you both! xx 
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