Abs and Legs<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 5223

Abs and Legs
Tracey Mallett
Class 5223

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Therese C Yes, I saw that. Glad I inspire and thank you for supporting me xo
Mimi Mimi Thank you so much, what a lovely comment. This is always my intent to teach to a multi level class as best as I can. I like to inspire people to try and move to the next level, when they feel ready. 
Kathleen Fitzgerald Henry Thank you so much!
Valli Yay, thank you!
Excellent. Joe would be happy to see such creativity  on his unique apparatus.
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Yet another great class! Thanks Tracey. 
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You're one of my favorite instructors, always creative and inspiring! Please do continue filming more videos on this platform :)
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Amazing as always! This class worked my abs and booty in a quick, fun, and challenging workout. I'm always happy to work out with Tracey because she mixes it up and has such a positive attitude! Thank you for this amazing class and I'm looking forward to the next one. 
Clemencia Puerta
I looooveee your classessss.... please do them longer!!...... as before!!!
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Tracey, WEEEEEEEE!! Thank you for the creative challenge!! I appreciate your creativity and I love watching your mind work—Cause it always ends up with my mind working too! Of course, my mind is working mostly to keep up! ❤️ Thank you!
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