Energizing Arms<br>Mychele Sims<br>Class 5378

Energizing Arms
Mychele Sims
Class 5378

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Love the pace and laughter of this whole body and mind workout thank you :)
Oonagh McDevitt
Thanks Michelle - enjoyed this workout- loved your energy and cueing🧡 
Loved this class as well as your energy!  My arms are feeling it today.  Thank you!
Hilde H
Always looking for more arm work - loved this class. Every time you burst out laughing, I giggled along - thanks for the realness!
The Hug a Tree and the Prone Series were the hardest of all for me. Luckily, I didn’t use the 3 lb. weights! Thanks again.
Lina S
Fun class! I've enjoyed the prone exercises. I like your cheerful mood!
Loved it Mychele Sims . It was my first time moving with you and I had so much fun with you and your class.  Thank you for the great session.
Thank you Mychele! Your bright bubbly energetic personality is inspiring.. That was a great arm workout!!
Could you be any cuter! Had to put my weights down for some of that prone stuff. Thank you! 
You are a ray of sunshine ! I love all of your work outs. Thank you!
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