Upper Body Mat Flow<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5412

Upper Body Mat Flow
Laura Hanlon
Class 5412

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That was absolutely amazing and perfect. Stellar cueing and I cannot believe how much I sweat! I cannot wait to see more classes from you!!!


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Really challenging and fun!
Anne M
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Thank you so much, Laura. Great class!
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Loved it! So many great ideas x
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Great class, very inspiring program and execution! Thank you!
Annika K
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Such a great class, the Roll up really felt so easy after working on the teaser😅 I will use that one on my class🙏
Saphira B
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Excellent workout! Precise cues, challenging and I feel great afterwards (also appreciated some of the rests).
Lina S
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I felt well accompanied thanks to your excellent cueing. The fairly slow pace helps sustain the intensity of the workout. I've enjoyed the standing warm up.
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This was a challenging workout. A slower pace works really well for me. I felt great when I was done. 
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