Upper Body Mat Flow<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5412

Upper Body Mat Flow
Laura Hanlon
Class 5412

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Thank you so much for your kind words Monica M !! xx
Annika K I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed my class! Thank you for the kind comment :)
Thank you Lina S ! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed class.
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Patricia W I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying my classes! I am unsure when the next class will drop, but be on the lookout for some team teaching by my mother and myself. In the meantime, I recommend coming back to the classes you struggle with and working towards improvements that come with repetition. Keep up the amazing work :)
Laura, thank you for responding! I am excited to do more classes with you and your mom! 
Moorea P
Loved the “keeping the money” within the thigh series. Was definitely a challenge but really worked my glutes! Great class
Anna H
Loved the focus on the arms throughout the class, even challenging without the weights! You incorporated emphasis on the upper body in full-body movement. Made me feel like I was still getting a whole body workout! 
Awesome class Lauren! I loved that it was also a whole-body workout!
Wow, that was a challenging and interesting class! Great cueing. What a nice way to warm up on a cold winter evening
Isabella G
I like how you incorporated some arm exercises from the reformer into this class! Even without using extra resistance from weights or reformer straps, I still really felt my arms. 
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