Mat Fundamentals<br>Zayna Gold<br>Class 591

Mat Fundamentals
Zayna Gold
Class 591

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I loved getting back to basics after the Holidays. This felt like a useful relaunch workout to reinforce fundamentals and start the new year off with a solid feeling. Thank you Zayna!
Thank you Katherine! I just did my own first workout of 2012. My clients and I are doing a challenge for January. 30 workouts for the month. Do you want to join us for some group motivation?!
Welcome Zayna to PA! So nive to have another wonderful intructor here. Really enjoyed this class. I agree with Katherine that its so nice not to mention important for us all to get back to the basics. No matter how advanced along we are or not! Great cues..I will incorporate them into my classes. Happy Holidays!
Thank you Jamie! I do this basic workout once a week-you are so right that going basic this way helps us to really enjoy the essence of each Pilates exercise. So happy to be a part of the PA family after being a fan for so long!
Zanya, great workout!! Nothing like the basics. Love the dolphins.
Hi Ann, I am sitting here in Boston with grey skies and windy cold-it is nice to know that each time we do my Mat workout on PA we will be reminded of the dolphins. It was a magical moment! Thank you for enjoying my workout!
Congratulations Zayna, I liked your class, sometimes clients do excercises knowing them but also in unconscious way and when return them back to basics, they find again the conection between mind and their bodies. (do know if I make me understand, my English is basic two jeje). When I do this in class my client ask ┬┐are we in the checking day? jejej. Great work Zayna!!!! carry on!
Wow! I immediately assumed that the class would be really sloooow and tedious but boy was I wrong. It kept moving nicely and I felt I got a good and balanced workout that wasn't overly wordy. I can't wait till you come up with more advanced workouts. :)
Hi Laura, I know what you mean about giving our clients the "check in days!" and it is interesting that if you go to the basics once a week this helps us to move through intermediate and advanced repertoire with beautiful form and that same mind body connection. Let me know what you think of my other workout-it is a standing workout that burns calories!
Hi Pele, that is exactly what i was hoping you would feel! i love doing a "slow paced" workout that gets deep in your muscles and makes you workout every single muscle. Try my other video on PA-the standing workout is a good cardio burn. Let me know how you like it. And I promise next time I will do Intermediate/Advanced. Just keep practicing the basics too!
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