Mat Fundamentals<br>Zayna Gold<br>Class 591

Mat Fundamentals
Zayna Gold
Class 591

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This was brilliant for me. I like everyone else have taken a bit of an extended break from both teaching and practice and it was great to work into my stiff bits. You also gave some great variations that i'll be using for my Clients next week!
Kirsty H
Lovely steady and intense - thank you Zayna.
Hi Zoe, Thank you so much. I know what you mean about the holidays. I always take off time from my own practice between x-mas and new years and it is both painful and humbling getting back into it. I feel halfway human after working out for an hour yesterday. Today I am doing my basic Mat from PA plus a Barre workout tonight. I hate feeling out of shape and stiff! Here is to a lean and healthy 2012!
Hi Kristy, thank you! let me know how you enjoy my other video too #593-it is a calorie burning standing Pilates workout.
I have done all of these exercises, but got so much more out of them with this instructor due to the excellent wording she uses to explain what to do specifically. She also emphasizes the breathing, which is what makes pilates pilates, and so many instructors forget this. Very nice class.
Loved this workout! At first I wasn't sure if it would be enough to sustain my interest, but I kept at it and further down the exercises, I realized it was releasing all the tense muscles at my back. Furthermore, having gone back to Pilates, my jeans are fitting nicely. Thank You.
Hi "R," I am so glad you liked my cues. As I said in my Welcome video I had a very difficult time understand proper form when I began my Pilates Practice. So I love breaking it down so that everyone can get more out of each exercise. Keep doing my video-it will also help you get more out of the intermediate workouts because you will start to understand the essence of each Pilates exercise.
Hi Jasmin, Thank you for loving my workout! One of my favorite things about Pilates is that our backs and joints feel so released while our butts and abs keep looking better!
Hi Zayna,
I thought that was truly inspirational. I am an experienced fitness teacher but a new pilates teacher so I am looking for guidance and ideas for my teaching and practice. I found your cueing very helpful and will be bringing your ideas to my students.
Thank you very much!
Mimi Liss
Uzes, France
Hi Mimi, it is so different teaching Pilates than other forms of fitness and at first can be challenging to know-how do I teach people so they really understand me. This standing workout appeals to everyone because even non-pilates people "get it." And advanced Pilates clients love the variety. Try to watch my other video too-#593. This is a really great video for cueing Pilates Mat with precision and easy to understand. Let me know how it helps!
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