Reformer Variations<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 601

Reformer Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Class 601

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Awesome Class Niedra ~ Thank You :)
Really enjoyed the variations ~ Archival Versions ~ and the stretches !!
Might be my iPad but you were doubled into an appiration at about 30 minutes, only lasted 60 seconds or so...
Great class Niedra - loved the detailed explanations - lots of good little pointers with the reasons why - will definately be adding to my favourites to watch again - thanks so much for sharing .... any more comming??? :)
I really liked watching the archival variations as well. Loved your explanation at the end of the session when you did the front splits and into thigh stretch- so important, the angle of the hips in the starting positions and the goal of thigh stretch, to get the hips down between the knees, working the back leg just as much as the front leg. Excellent clarifications.
Yugonda, I saw Niedra double into an apparition at about 30 min. as well. Two of her are even better than one! yeah? Was a very pretty scene in the video, like a pilates fairy or something...
Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful detailed instruction!
Glad you liked the apparition A.Salomon! Umm... we planned it that way!
Kristi and the folks at PA are a very talented bunch!!!
@ A
A Pilate's Fairy :)
And add Magical Powers !! Had to come back to take this class again, won't be the last time either !!
Thank you, thank you!!!! Your knowledge is so deep and comes from such a solid foundation. Plus your demonstration is so clear in both your body and your thoughts. I truly appreciated your lesson. Namaste!
A Master Class. Thanks so much. Will return to this one.
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