Traditional Reformer<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 673

Traditional Reformer
Niedra Gabriel
Class 673

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Ahhh, the classical work with the transitions, thank you Niedra for moving through the session and emphasizing this. Poetry in motion.
Thank you. It was wonderful to see these transitions!
Thank you for showing the full splits!
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Thankyou Niedra for sharing that with us - can see now how the transitions are an important part of the method to maintain the flow and fluidity. That was great!
Thank you! That was awesome.
Thank you so much!
This was beautiful to watch. Thank you!
Great reference for making deliberate and precise transitions.
Niedra Gabriel
Claudia, so glad you enjoyed the transitions, and thank you all who commented earlier - I just now checked into this class.
Regarding the transitions - these can only be done on a Gratz style reformer as the other styles are at times structured differently. Foot bar has to be moved manually, etc. Anyhow, no matter what machine you are on - you can do the exercises. Enjoy,
Very cool tendon stretch variation! As usual a wonderful workout. Thank you Niedra!
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