Understand Spine Extension
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 686

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Karen has such a wealth of knowledge and is such an excellent teacher! I would love it if she would do a full lecture! The lectures are one of my favorite things about PA (especially the free ones ;) ). I was certified by Carrie Pages who was certified by Karen Sanzo. In our certification program (InBalance) we used Karen's reformer and mat manuals. They were wonderful and full of excellent cues. I love all of Karen's classes! I want more Karen Sanzo please!! :)
HI Ashley, Karen did do a workshop with us. It will still be a while before it comes out as we have a few lined up in front of it. I agree with you whole heartedly though about her being an excellent teacher and a wealth of information. We have her scheduled for August to return!
Fascinating again, Karen! Thank you!!!
This class provided me with useful options to help my clients understand lordosis. I will use these.
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Awesome! I loved her quote of "giving people their position of dysfunction" brilliant!
Excellent! Thanks for the great info.
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I think a lot of our clients "get in to" their lower back. This is a great way to make them aware and correct it on their own as well.
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Thank you, Karen for this informative lesson. As a person who "gets into the low back" and a beginning teacher (in training) I now have more tools to correct this faulty movement pattern!
Karen, I wish you lived in england! Very interesting and very informative, Thankyou.
Thank you Karen! More great info to help me improve my practice.
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