Weight Bearing Progression<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Tutorial 739

Weight Bearing Progression
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 739

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I just love your teaching method! I look forward to viewing all your Pilates Anytime classes.
Love - thank you Karen!
Yeong Cheol C
Thank you.
This is a nice progression. Clients will enjoy!
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Karen never disappoints. Very clear in making Pilates Method relatable to clients in her use of simple language vs. Pilates speak that can be confusing to students.
love seeing all the progressions, you are so strong!
In addition to the wonderful feedback above, I want to add in I am excited to see a handstand progression. Woo hoo! Thanks for making this tutorial and sharing your knowledge and experience.
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Love it. Love the clear succinct instructions.
What a fun progression! Karen, you're an inspirational teacher. Thank you!
Yeong Cheol C
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