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Chuck Rapoport
Discussion 817

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This is such a remarkable interview. I especially loved the Joe Pilates fire engine story. So informative, yet entertaining and heartfelt. Absolutely loved it.
Reiner G
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Thank you so much Kristi for doing this interview.
I'm thrilled you both liked it. It was my pleasure! For my part I thank Chuck for offering up so much detail for us. Thanks Chuck!
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Great interview! He definately was ahead of his time. I loved hearing about chuck's experience with Pilates as well as his whole career. Very interesting. Thank you Kristi.
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Fascinating! Thank you so much Kristi for bringing Mr. Rapoport and his amazing experiences to us! Wonderful.
Paola Maruca
I had the privilege to meet Mr Rapoport in Rome in December 2012. What an experience. We briefly talked about Joe and he even payed me a big compliment by saying i really knew a lot about Joseph Pilates. I felt like a kid in a candystore to be in the presence of such a great personality. I am looking at the pic where Mr Rapoport is doing 'Contrology with Joe and at the few words he wrote for me underneath....what an honor and amazing experience. Thanks PA once again for bringing us the best of the best !!!!!!!!
Paola Maruca
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and i meant to say December 2011....:)
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Thank you so much for a beautiful interview! A wonderful piece of history that won 't be forgotten.
loved it!
Inga C
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I loved this interview! Thanks for including this on Pilates Anytime.
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