Pilates For Children<br>Brett Howard<br>Workshop 820

Pilates For Children
Brett Howard
Workshop 820

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oh my I will be purchasing this soon.. I love Brett. hes so encouraging , enjoyable and fun. I am sure the kids take to him like a duck to water.
What age groups are the best to start working with small children? I have a 3 yo granddaughter and would love to train her up in Pilates but right now not sure she mature enough to sit through a long class.. shes bouncy with high energy to say the least.
Jamie, Brett talks about the difference of teaching different age groups in the workshop. I can't remember how young he starts with, but I think pretty young. He has rationale about how to group the ages too. This group of kids are all 7-8 I think.
He also talks about how to keep their attention and how that differs with different age groups. I'm telling you this is a fantastic workshop (in my opinion). I learned tons of things that help me with any age student.
Hi Jamie, I usually recommend good time to start Children off with a Pilates program is around 5 years old, but some children are OK at 4 years. The attention capacity and the capacity to take in new information is not as mature so it's best to make the class time shorter. There are so many creative ways to teach younger children to do the Method where it feels more like a game than exercise. If you'd like to work with your 3 year old granddaughter I think a 5 minute Pilates activity periodically could be a good start. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help with any ideas of activities. I hope this helps.
Thanks so much for this workshop – it came just in time for me. I start mentoring a teen through the Boys and Girls Club/We Are=Movement next month. This will be so helpful in adapting my teaching to a younger age group.
Thank you for the response Brett. Myself and my daughter in law teach Pilates. My daughter in Law is also a former ballerina so she still dances around the house. Kirra trys to copy her which is so cute. I would love to begin to teach her a few things that seemed fun to her. Am really liking how you incorporate it into a "game" for them. I am open to any suggestions for a 3 yo that seems like a game.. anything that involves kitty cats! Maybe 5 mins or so like u said.. thanks so much!
Hi Brett, Thank you! I would also love to know if there is a lesson plan out there that you recommend. I have seen some online such as: Pilates and Calisthenics for Children Lesson Plan by ELE, but I would really appreciate a recommendation for this. Thank you for any help. PS: I was unable to take the quiz st the end, there seems to be a technical glitch.
Hi Brett, your workshop is great and has provided me with loads of ideas and inspiration! I 'play' Pilates with my 4 year old - she loves to copy me and come to the studio to roll on the balls, but I am about to start teaching a clients 9 year old son who has some real musculoskeletal issues so these ideas to make the exercises fun are just ideal. Thanks
Crystal we'll be in touch about the quiz. Thank you for letting us know.
This workshop is really helpful -in theory and practical aspect. It insired me a lot already. It's amazing how kids responded to my first pilot lesson the other day here in Athens. Thank you so much. It's really very rewarding to work with kids. I'm worried though about the Quiz which I haven't managed to take due to some technical problem.
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Marina & Crystal~ I have forwarded this problem to our technical department and we shall get it fixed today or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and for pointing out this problem.
Update: The quiz is now working for this workshop. Thanks again for your patience.
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