Pilates For Children<br>Brett Howard<br>Workshop 820

Pilates For Children
Brett Howard
Workshop 820

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I'm happy to have passed successfully the quiz and printed my certificate! Thanks again Brett, Pilatesanytime and PMA people in charge.
Thanks Kristi - same here, all worked out and got the certificate. Thank you PA and Brett, I am looking forward to kick starting a program soon at my daughters elementary school and so this had perfect timing for us.
Thank you for an excellent workshop. I would like to ask Brett:
1. if there are any movements to be avoided with children of this age?
2. Does he plan on doing a workshop for older children? (tweens & teens) I would be very interested.
3. Is there an age that you would consider safe for the Reformer?
Thanks so much I thoroughly enjoyed taking that class.
Jennifer~ I can't answer all of these questions but I just wanted to let you know that Brett just finished filming a Pilates for Teens workshop this last Saturday so look forward to that!
Thanks you Hannah. That's great news :)
Do you think the lessons learned in this class will apply to older kids? 8-16? I have been asked to teach my kids' swim team Pilates, and I haven't taught kids before. Is there any other resource out there? Thank you so much!
Maryann, Brett was just here filming another workshop for the age range you speak of. It won't be ready for a month or two, but I will say that much of the theory and reasoning is covered in this first workshop. Brett focused more on technique in the Teen workshop. I do not teach children or teens at the moment, but I found the lessons he taught in this workshop applicable to my existing adult clientele (no offense to them).
I would like to watch the preview first but the link will not open the video. I have tried switching to the low quality setting but no luck...any tips?
Sarah~ You may be experiencing problems if you are trying to watch the previews on the iPad so if you can, please try and see if they work for you on a computer. If it still doesn't work for you, email us at contact@pilatesanytime.com
Can I watch the video multiple times, also if my subscription ends the 20th of april?
The workshop seems great!
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