Morning Mat<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Class 826

Morning Mat
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 826

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Great stretches Amy. I enjoyed the class!
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Just used this to "wake up" my body and proprioceptors for a morning tennis game. Great class!
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Awesome Amy!! Damm Sam amazing scissors!!!
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I'm not overstating when I say what a privilege and honor to be able to take this class. Let me do this every morning for the rest of my life and I will die happy and fulfilled :)

So rich. Thank you.
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I feel that was one of, if not, the best Pilates classes I have ever taken. I wish as a teacher I could have studied with Amy! With some of the cues I felt new things even after teaching for over 12 years. I could go on and on. Thank very much Amy. Sincerely, Sue.
I am a huge fan of anatomy-- but she is talking NON STOP about all the different organ systems --so fast I don't have time to get into one of them. It's just a constant barrage of chatter. Pick a theme and stick with it.
1 person likes this. the progression of feeling the movement all the way through the body...from skin to organs! Great stuff...thank you 100x
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Thank you so much! 6 stars.
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This was just what I needed so badly! After days of not much movement (family in town), I feel alive again!
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After a morning run, my tissue thanks you a thousand times......wonderful to take time and open our tissues and systems. I loved your emphasis on brain, heart, liver...visualizing our inside movement takes everyone to a much deeper level than choreography alone will ever do! Thank you for giving us a class we can do over and over and feel this amazing!!
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