Morning Mat<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Class 826

Morning Mat
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 826

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Thank you! This felt so good:)
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great class with a variety of stretches with strengthening
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Really great core class. That is my biggest problem area after having 2 kids. I have never felt my entire stomach hurt the next day!! Thank you. Looking forward to more pain :D
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wow - excellent class!!
Ugh! My video stream stops right in the switch during the rollovers and will only start over.
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Margaret ~ Sorry that you are having a problem. I have sent you an email with some thoughts about how to improve your playback experience. If you ever need help please email us at
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Thank you! I got it working. I love that you are bringing fabulous instructors right into our homes and making them accessible.
This is probably my favorite class to teach. I love to explore all the ideas the body has to offer re: imagery to get the most health bang for your time.
Thanks everyone.
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Amazing class and great as an afternoon pick me up. Can't wait to meet Amy on her archival reformer course this weekend!
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Way too much talking and not enough moving, for my taste.
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