Advanced Mat Flow<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Class 842

Advanced Mat Flow
Michael F. & Ton V.
Class 842

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As per usual, wonderful class!!! The pace is excellent, good flow to the class. I might be sore tomorrow, my students need to watch out.
Karen M
Wonderful class! Tried some new poses.
Love it!!
Ton and Michael...its like old times. You just get it out of me! Awesome as usual!
love their colorful- up tempo- spirit in coordination with classic approach on the pilates repertoire.
sending big smile from Athens.
Jill F
happy to be back in your classes again (sort of); I have heard your voices in my "Pilates" head since the days of the studio next to Fairway !!
Well if you like variety. Yo should like this class. I don't think it was hyper accelerated. Reasonable enough. Though each movement was quite brief. Not enough for me to feel as though I was getting enough out of it.
So fun I was distracted from how challenging it was. Thanks!
They are amazing!!!!
Wow - I'm wiped! Great workout, great transitions, I looked up at one point and it was Ton and no longer Michael.... was so into the flow, I didn't realize you 2 had switched places. Love some of the catchy cues.... "no texting and driving, no clapping and rolling" "disappear b/w your legs" for spine stretch forward. Magnificent! Thank you gentlemen!!
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