Traditional Reformer Flow
Niedra Gabriel
Class 910

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Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!
challenging, fun, and energetic with variety ~ WoW :)
That was AWESOME Niedra! Thank you!!! :)
YAY! Glad you anjoyed it.
Happy HOlidays to both of you.
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loved it, but would help if you could announce the spring changes!
Thank you so much for mentioning small variations and stretches that came from Romana!
Thank you Vanessa for the suggestion about spring changes - actually Blanaced Body springs are very different from Gratz machines so this is a great detail to cover next time I film and Pilates workout.
Thank you Yoly, glad you enjoye this.
Happy HOlidays to you all.
Great workout to help shed some of those Christmas excesses and find my abs again!
Love this class,,beautifully taught and beautifully executed.
Glad you enjoyed the class Devra and Pilates Tree - keep working out.
Great fun, love the on spot cueing that lends to easily reviewing and studying proper execution. Always enjoy your joy while you instruct!
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