Rolling Mat Play<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 960

Rolling Mat Play
Niedra Gabriel
Class 960

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Linda C
Loved the class but had repeated technical difficulties.
Niedra Gabriel
Linda, when you ay technical difficulties are you refering to video cutting off? or struggle with your application of the class to your body? just want to clairfy so we can help....
Thank you! That was challenging and fun! Unfortunately, I haven't done a split in 35 years, but maybe if I keep trying..... you never know!
Niedra Gabriel
I had to laugh Jane, it's never to late to try doing the splits! Probably most will not agree, but who knows? its really about trying - right?
fabulous workout niedra!! well done :) love your work!
Teresa D
Hi. I think you have the best form and great posture better form than other videos with instructors I have seen
Thanks. TERESA
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Teresa, that is quite a compliment!
Actually, I am very aware of " how people hang in space" and my focus with both myself and clients is the skeleton as the prime structure to organize and free up, so I really appreciate your words.
Angela L
Working on my flexibility so I can do that splits stretch! Great class as always with Niedra.
Niedra Gabriel
enjoy the stretch Angela.
No fancy stuff, just the great Pilates mat work. With such a wonderful, playful, and expert teacher, it becomes an art. An art to study, practice and perfect. Having Niedra as an example, it'll be a delightful journey. Thank you.
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