Wunda Chair Workout
Brett Howard
Class 2321

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Thanks Brett, you make your classes such fun. I really liked all the classical transitions too. This will be really good for some of my ballet clients, and the ankle and knee strengthening work will be really useful.
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holy shmoly! that was difficult. hope to see more!!
Very nice thank you
Loved it! Kudos to both Brett (stellar teacher) and Gia 👍
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This is the most amazing wunda chair workout
Hi Pilates Anytime. when I went to play this video there was an error loading media and file couldn't be played. Please assist. Thank you!
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Move ~ I have sent you a private message to try to help you with the video playback issues you are having.
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This class was so great! Thanks so much Gia and Brett!
Amazing class! Im not Brett or Gia but I tried and I will try again. Thanks for the challenge and the inspiration
Wonderful teacher and student! Well done to both of you. I watched this class with awe. Going to try it soon. Guaranteed to revisit time and time again!
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