Mat Workout
Daniel Vladeta
Class 2562

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Any plans to do a reformer or tower class w the Oov? Pretty please?
Pls pls can we have more Oov classes. Oov on the reformer would be great. I did the fundamentals training with Daniel Vladeta in Singapore. There is still so much to learn...
I love the feedback and the isolated work I get from the Oov. Really look forward to the Body Control Pilates Development Weekend in London next month. Have booked in for the Oov class.
Wonderful class! 🀩 I want more. πŸ™πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ
My first class with my new Oov! Love it. I feel like I got a back massage! Can't wait to take the other classes! Thank you!:)
Wonderful class. My diaphragm thanks you Daniel! 😊
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This is so amazing!! I can breathe from my diaphragm now!! More class with the Oov please...
That side lying work was amazing! Quite possibly my new favorite way to use the Oov. I'll definitely be teaching swan prep on the Oov for several clients now too!
Great workout thanks; having watched the conversation with Kristi, Dan and Brent this was really useful. Great intro to the Oov!

I love the versatility!! I am new to the oov and to me it felt like it did not fit my body properly.Β  Are they meant to be one size fits all? Also, it was very firm almost to the point of discomfort, similar to a foam roller. Any information, tips, etc to help with these two issues?
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