The Dance of the Clavicle!
Tom McCook
Tutorial 3627

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Thanks for such an informative tutorial - I also love your sense of humour- the heroic film music comment made me laugh out loud, Thank you.
Thanks Caroline! I appreciate that you found the tutorial useful and with a little bit of fun included!  All the best to you
Tom - you have a very special talent of being able to articulate your knowledge of how the body moves.  So much great information here and I can't wait to use pieces in my teaching!!  Also my clavicle does not fit correctly into my A/C joint and causes a lot of shoulder/neck issues so I believe this will help me find a little relief!!  Thank you!!
Thank you Jennifer! I believe it will be really helpful too. Focusing on the design and being efficient with your shoulder girdle will change your nervous system. Practice often for a period of time to embody a new level of function. Warm regards
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