Fantastic Foam Roller
Cathleen Murakami
Class 4222

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Cindy, new moves are always so fun to try....hope the little hints helped!
Leena  - so happy you enjoyed....and one day, I hope to visit your beautiful country Finland!
Anna ahhhh Sweden...the land of salted black licorice! Thank you for joining and glad it was fun for you!
Cynthia ...thanks, my glad you found the class fun yet challenging enough! South Africa is on my list of places to visit hopefully sooner rather than later! 
Vanessa thanks so much! Stay safe over there in HK....and I am happy and pleased you had fun with my class

Anna ...thank you so much and that tie dye tank top I bought on line. A LOT of the items are extremely racy (!!), but there are some practical items as is the link:
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loved this creative and challenging class.. particularly the spinal mobility standing and the one knee /hand 
on roller core/balance work. Delicious! look forward to your next class
Tess S ...I know! That one is so much harder than it seems it should be! Thank you for taking the time to comment and so happy you enjoyed and found the work delicious!
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Thanks for the great class Cathy.  Happy you have these'live' classes that we can do after the fact.  It brings back memories of our time together !!  
Ftnzlady ....Well, very cool mystery person from San can dm me who this is when you want! Thanks for hanging with the class.....I appreciate the comment!
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