Strengthening Wunda Chair
Amy Havens
Class 4445

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What a pleasure to see you teaching
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Thanks very much for this series, Amy!  It gives me details and a direction to move forward with my chair workouts.  This particular one will go in my “goal workout” playlist for now, but definitely will work toward it.   It was great to have new Amy classes and I look forward to your next one!  Thanks for your excellence! 
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Thank you for these classes, it s a  really effective exercise progression!
LAALE  -- thank you so much!  Lori so glad you took all 3 classes and yes, keep them and come back to them, mix them in with your other Chair classes!!  All good stuff!  Lu C thank you for saying so.  I hope you all keep up with the chair work!!
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Great class, Amy!  Thank you!
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Thanks for this great class Amy. The teaser continues to elude me but went back to your version in the unilateral progression program with some improvement :D
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Thanks Amy, I took the three lessons in the series and And it was wonderful, the classes brought me back to practice on the chair is a tool I really like in Pilates.
i enjoy seeing your way of teaching.
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I took all three clasSes too and it was so helpful to see how you can progress the same type exercise and amp it up loooooved this'!!!!!
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Loved this class and learned so much from this series, so much to offer thank you Amy!!!!
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Lovely chair session Amy!! Thank you! I love the sidelying on chair w/slight rotation.  And sore in abdominals from mat yesterday! Thank you. Wonderful!! 
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