Presence on The Mat
James Crader
Class 4448

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I enjoyed this a great deal.  How did PA know I needed to hear just this?  Thank you
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Thank you for sharing your fun and creative energy!!! This so so refreshing!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Movement, play, dance, explore- !
So inspired... Thank you. 
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Thank you very, very, very much James Crader!!! You helped me finding what I was looking for!!! You have no idea, what this lesson means and did to me! Thank you, truly!
Barbara L I can't thank you enough for your comment ... I'm so happy to be a part of your journey. 
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As a person who likes structure and defaults to "the way it's supposed to be done" this class was great to push me outside my box.
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this class brought joy to my heart!  Thank you!
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Cathy S I appreciate that! Working toward ambiguity / non-dualism / and freedom is my vision. Thanks!
Amy C Thank you so much!!
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For those familiar with the PERMA acronym for happiness factors (positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment), this class especially helps participants germinate accomplishment with movement tasks.  Great class for reacquainting the emotional brain to body.
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