Root and Recover
Jason Williams
Class 4551

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Cynthia G You're welcome!  Glad you enjoyed.  Yes, we all need it.
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This class was beautiful, and the meditation and reiki was just what I was needing right now. Thank you so much Jason Williams 🙏
Bruno You are most welcome! Glad you enjoyed! :)
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Thank you for sharing this practice Jason! Looking forward to the series. I feel great!
Kerry W That's so great to hear!  Glad you're feeling good.  Thank you for taking class.  :)
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Thank you for a great class. I feel connected and stretched:) 
Fiona O Glad you felt the connection.  Thank you for attending. :)
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Thank you for this lovely flowly class ...look forward to more!
Lauramaria S You're welcome! Thank you for taking class. :)
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Great relaxing at the end of the week. Thank you.
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