Class #3617

Stability Ball Flow

25 min - Class


If you need a quick break to get moving after you've been sitting for a while, then this Mat workout by Sara Colquhoun is perfect for you. She teaches a condensed class that she does weekly, designed to challenge your entire body. She includes a lot of extension and strengthening for your back body to counter the effects of sitting for long periods of time.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Hand Weights (2), Fitness Ball

About This Video


Hi everyone. My Name's Sarah Cahoon and I am here at Polonious anytime today to take you through one of my favorite workouts. It is, I work at using the bowl, so we're going to be usin...


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Unique and dynamic
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Short & sweet! Really fun, and you get a good workout for 25 min
another amazing practice with Sara!!! fun and sweaty !!!! ;)
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amazing !
Great workout with the fitness ball! Love it!
WOW, great control Sara!!
Love it! Going to make it my 'holiday routine' - will let you know how it goes
Loved it! Will definitely be using this a lot!
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I just added this to fur of my playlists. One of the best ball workouts I’ve ever done! Definitely counts for me as aerobic. Absolutely loved this!
WOW! Great session.
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