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Workshop #687

Pilates! More Than Exercise®

2 hr 20 min - Workshop


Pilates! More Than Exercise®: Focus on Fundamentals

This workshop addresses the thoughtfulness of movement and how thinking differently can and does affect change. A strong fundamental awareness is key when learning and advancing any Pilates program. Without thought, Pilates exercises are just body movements. With thought, Pilates exercises unite body and mind.

Let this seasoned Pilates veteran, and beloved Pilates Anytime instructor, walk you through passive positioning techniques, exercise mechanics and cueing tips to help you and your clients find deeper understanding within the fundamental exercises.

This workshop utilizes only the Mat for demonstration, but the concepts can be applied to all of the apparati. Enjoy the 14 chapters all at once or in small doses as you wish. In Chapter 13, you'll enjoy a Mat Class that applies all the strategies discussed in the workshop and there is even a short bonus chapter (14) that offers strategies to challenge your core!

To view and print the workshop handout click here:
Focus on Fundamentals
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel, Theraband

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Oct 20, 2012
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Continuing Education Credits

If you complete this workshop, you will earn:

3.0 credits from National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP)

The National Pilates Certification Program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)


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love love love this workshop and karen... i have watched it a few times and each time i learn something new... the fundamentals are so so important and the cueing and intention that karen uses on each movement/ exercise is phenomenal..even though it is fundamental it is still very challengine when everything is in sync and working in harmony... thanks karen and if you ever come to melbourne i would love to do some learning from you... what i learnt and experienced in your workshop will benefit all of my clients immensely...thank you thank you thank you...( insert big smiley face)
I love learning from you Karen!!!
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I appreciate the feedback and am just thrilled that you both enjoyed the workshop!! The fundamentals are near and dear to me. Often, when a client is challenged by a more "advanced" exercise, and they get frustrated, I bring them back to a fundamental and we rebuild the exercise. I love how my own brain feels when I can create a new strategy from a fundamental level.
Karen I loved this class! I wish I could have been there live. It will definitely be a resource for me to go back to over and over. Wish I would have had this class at the beginning of my pilates education journey.
Shauna :)
would this also be 3 CEC for Power Pilates?
Kerry ~ At the moment this workshop only has CEC's for the PMA. You can ask petition Power Pilates to see if they would accept this workshop for CEC's in their program.
So helpful! Thank you so very much!
A Handout question? - the print out of the 'thought bubbles' handout Karen spoke of seems different to the handout that i downloaded from link above. The pdf provided is a 4 page document with only 3 written pages. That's not exactly what i imagined this excellent class technical notes to be. Can anyone check this document for me?

Karen, the approach to teaching you convey and the plan inside it is fundamentally true, real, fabulous, you make it all make clear "sense". Thank you, amazing work.

Thank you.

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