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Pilates at Home

If you don't have access to a studio and want to workout at home, then this playlist is perfect for you! Whether you have equipment or not, we have videos that will allow you to use what you have to take our classes.

Playlist 1 - Optimize Your Online Experience

Learn different tips to optimize your home practice so you can make sure you are working correctly and efficiently.

Playlist 2 - Reformer at Home

This playlist features classes that incorporate the AeroPilates Reformer or similar Reformers meant for home use.

Playlist 3 - No Props Needed

The Mat classes in this playlist require no props, so you can do them any time and anywhere.

Playlist 4 - Classes with Small Props

This playlist features classes with props many people already own, like Tennis Balls, Towels, and more!

Playlist 5 - No Box, No Problem

This playlist includes Reformer workouts that do not use the Box.

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