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Pilates for Two

Exploring Freedom of Movement During Pregnancy

Explore different ways of moving with Leah Stewart in these Mat Pilates classes, where she infuses elements of dance.

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More Leah please! Do you have any more post natal mat classes hidden away you can share? I am loving how I feel after your classes!
Eva P
Hi Leah, I just joined Pilates anytime and am 9 weeks pp. Really enjoyed your class #1372. I found 4 post natal classes on the website: 1372, 1504, 405 and 520. Any suggestions as to the order in which i should start them and when to progress from one to the other? Or can i just keep alternating them as I please? TIA.
I love your classes, I feel so much better already (9weeks post partum) and have been doing both your part 1 and part 2 since 4 weeks post and I feel so much stronger and energised afterwards every time! Thank you.

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