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Active Aging

Working on Neuroplasticity

Add games to work your body and mind at the same time.

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Love the Active Aging Program. Great for all ages! More, please!
Erika Quest
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Thank you, Jill! Much love!
This is absolutely fantastic info Erica! Thank you so much from my Active Ager students and me !!!
Erika Quest
My pleasure, Playforever! I hope to bring more content like this and that others will add to this playlist as well. Such an important group to work with and utilize great strategies to help with activities of daily life!
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We need more reformer classes aimed at seniors. Doing backbends over a box just don't do it for me! I'm sure I'm not the only senior who is looking for posture correction, core strengthening and some tightening up of the abs with a little muffin top reduction thrown in.
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I would like to see more of these workouts too without the pilates specific equipment like the reformer (though I understand why there is a mix) but I would like to see some more without. I am 46 chronologically but have been quite ill and have a neuro-musculoskeletal/chronic illnesses that effect my balance. I am at risk for falling. These are fantastic - can't wait to see more!! Thank you!
Erika Quest
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I'd like to bring more, too, Wendy! I hope to in 2016, appreciate your feedback and will take your needs into consideration. Maybe a nice mat for Active Aging would be in order. Much love and stay well, Erika
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Erika - there are more videos than I realized! I love them! Thank you and I love your teaching style - you are so kind and gentle and nonjudgmental! It is hard when you are not up to what you used to be able to do. Thank you so much!! Love this whole site but I think I will benefit greatly from your videos. I shared with my doctor and he was very happy with the idea!
Erika Quest
NICE, Wendy! I love and appreciate your feedback so very much. I'm excited to bring more of these videos to PA in the future. At the end of the day, healthy activities of daily life are what keep us joyful and active. Much love, Erika
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I watched the first two videos and didn't really heard about neuroplasticity. Appreciate the aging focus. I am a 62 yr old Pilates instructor feeling that the protocol is really different for this population than for a 40 yr old.
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