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Workshop #1011

Arm Chair Workshop

1 hr 50 min - Workshop


In this workshop, Julian Littleford shares his love and knowledge of the Arm Chair, an under-appreciated piece of equipment that is not used often. On the Arm Chair, Julian shows you more choreography than you would imagine this original and unique piece of equipment would be capable of.

Julian uses his expertise to help demonstrate the multitude of ways the Arm Chair can benefit your client's body. Through portions of his new Arm Chair manual, Julian will show you that you can easily incorporate an Arm Chair into your studio to enhance the Pilates experience for your clients.


-Learn arm exercises that will stabilize the shoulders

-Learn leg and abdominal exercises that will stabilize the hips

-Eliminate the hamstrings so clients can properly execute arm exercises while sitting tall

-Work the muscles in the body in a different way than the other equipment

This workshop was taught at the 2012 Pilates Method Alliance Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. We want to thank the people at the PMA for their support and for allowing us to film this thorough and interesting workshop.
What You'll Need: Arm Chair

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