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Journey to Your Inner Teacher

2 hr 50 min - Workshop


Domes, Arcs and Spirals -
The 3-CoreConnections® Perspective of Living Anatomy

Using the 3-CoreConnections® Perspective, you will explore anatomy experientially, from your body's perspective at the present moment, rather than a didactic study of independent muscles or some concept or belief system. We are expanding our understanding of "core" to an adaptive, synergistic relationship of the domes, arcs and spirals which connect the body's Lower, Central and Upper Cores, from the feet and hands to the cranial base/palate.

This transformational workshop is an inquiry into a timeless way of being in your body. We will look together within the Pilates repertoire at the universal principles that underlie all great bodymind teachings that allow us to fully "embody" ourselves through movement. To discover true spatial and layering core support is to enter into a dance of relationships where stability is no longer static, but an energetic connection between organs, bones, muscles, joints, fascia and the earth's electromagnetic field. It is within our personal core where we become our own "inner teacher" and connect with life's instinctive wisdom.

In this workshop, you will experience the 3-CoreConnections® Perspective through its connections of Lower, Central and Upper Cores and their relationship to the fascial system/whole body's living matrix as powerful assessment, knowledge and imagery skills.

The workshop is broken up into 9 digestible chapters, culminating in a Mat Class that allows you to experience the 3-CoreConnections® perspective first hand.

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What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Hand Weights, Theraband

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Feb 23, 2013
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Thanks Wendy. I havn't finished watching this yet but I find it very refreshing and is encouraging me to think out of the box. I love the pie of "not knowing". It gives me the confidence to keep exploring and trying new things. I will watch these a few times to allow the subjects to be absorbed. I admire your continued discovery of the human body and "it's not right or wrong!!!"
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thanks so much, Laurie. The 2 distinctions you are highlighting are so important: when we allow ourselves to be fully present (being in the discovery, rather than just past-based knowing) , and when we suspend judgment (it's/you're
right/wrong"), we cultivate a space that allows us to unravel history. Many teachers who have mentored with me say that cultivating this way of being in their lives has not only enhanced their teaching, but also their relationship with themselves and family members, helped them heal body image issues and created a more inclusive way of relating to challenging circumstances in new ways.
Thanks Wendy, I love this workshop. I´m a contemporary dancer and pilates teacher and practice BMC, Feldenkrais... somatic Bodwork and missed it soooooo much in Pilates. Thank you for connecting my knowledge of the body!
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Thank you, Irene! It is so easy to think of Pilates as a thing to do, rather than a way of being with ourselves within movement. As you know, in studying BMC, Feldenkrais and somatic bodywork, the body does not care what we call what we do.....Pilates, yoga, Alexander, Feldenkrais, etc., ....what it wants is relationship with gravity and LIFE!
Wendy I love the workshop, but cannot down load the work sheets, it the link down.
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Sharon ~ I'm sorry you were not able to download the handout. I have fixed the link and it should work now.
What is mixed equipment mean? I don't have a reformer so can I still do this workshop?
Hi Natalie, mixed equipment is a Pilates Anytime term which means that I am asking you to use hand weights and a theraband in the workshop. You will not need a reformer. I'm looking forward to hearing what value you get from this workshop that I filmed several years ago to introduce an embodied approach to Pilates, xwendy

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