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18 min
Introduction: The Mat Work is Enhanced by the Equipment
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16 min
Breaking Down the Roll Up
(2 min preview)
13 min
Rolling like a Ball
(2 min preview)
12 min
Understanding Leg Circles
(2 min preview)
10 min
Back Extension Exercises
(2 min preview)
17 min
Dissecting the Shoulder Bridge
(2 min preview)
12 min
The Movements in the Saw
(2 min preview)
13 min
Getting Stability in the Teaser
(2 min preview)
9 min
Side Bending Exercises
(2 min preview)
9 min
Balance and Counterbalance
(2 min preview)

Workshop 1087: Adapting Mat Exercises

2 hr 10 min
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Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Overball
Join Kathy Corey as she teaches her innovative workshop, Adapting the Mat Exercises to Equipment ~ Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac. This program transfers movement patterns and sequences from each piece of equipment to explore how the equipment changes the movements in the body. Traditional pieces are combined with innovative exercises and then adapted for the various pieces of equipment. The break-down and modifications of each sequence is presented in order to teach every level of fitness.


- Learn how the Mat work is enhanced by the equipment

- Understand how the focus of each exercise can change on each piece of equipment

- Find out what information is needed to perform each exercise correctly on the Mat

- Learn how to create great variety by focusing on where the movement is initiated

- Learn how each exercise incorporates balance and counter balance to complete the movement from within the body

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Aug 09, 2013
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Fantastic workshop! Great info.
11 mos ago

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