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Developing Your Eye

1 hr 15 min - Workshop


Clients think we are magically endowed - “how did she know that?” It’s merely that we see patterns of restriction obvious to the trained eye. This workshop is further “eye training.” You will examine common patterns, learn how to trace problems to their origin, and find solutions you can use within a lesson.


- To help participants see postural patterns and movement limitations more quickly and have easy tools for corrections

- Discuss skeletal alignment and how improving alignment will improve Pilates efficiency

- Focus on the spine, with an emphasis on tails and heads

- Apply these concepts to Pilates exercises

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Sep 06, 2013
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Hi, i don't understand the ñame from the film from Michel Larson and Eve. Thank You for give me that information.
Fabulous love the thought of working with what the sacrum has cant wait to go through this with my clients.Thank you for a helpful and clear workshop
Thanks for the feedback Gaile!
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Ruth, you are a lovelly teacher! I really enjoyed your workshop!
This is a subject that I would like to hear more on!! Enjoyed it very much!
Thank you!
Hi Judith,
Technically it's the base of your sacrum, not the actual coccyx that is dropping down and behind. The coccyx needs to keep it's curled shape!! It's the natural angle of the sacrum, that if extended, would land behind your feet. Images can help: the 3rd leg of a tripod, a dinosaur or kangaroo tail..... or go online or find anatomy books that show how angled the sacrum really is - an image that is reality! I could not use some of my favorite pictures in the filming because of copyright issues, but there are some lovely ones out there.

have to break this up for it to post - read on...

Also, release your gluts, release any locking in your knees (by having a gentle wiggle in your knees, not a muscular bending). And, dare I say this, release any gripping in your abs! And release any gripping in your pelvic floor muscles, especially the image of sitz bones coming together. Gripping anywhere, actually, will make it hard to feel.

Not sure if this helps, or answers what you need. Feel free to contact me directly if you have more specific questions.

And thanks for watching it and responding!!
Thank you Ruth.It has made me look carefully at the shape of the sacrum.I love your workshop-would welcome more.
The name of Michele's documentary on Eve is The Power of Pilates
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