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Ladder Barrel Flow

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MeJo Wiggin demonstrates the flow that Romana Kryzanowska was able to create, even with men. She teaches Adam a few exercises on the Ladder Barrel using rhythm and dynamics, and then rewards him with the "treats" that Romana would give while stretching.
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I'm me, Joe, and I'm here with my friend Adam. And uh, today I want to demonstrate one of my favorite things Ramana used to do. And one of the wonderful things in Romanos teaching was she would create this incredible flow even with even with men and Adam, you were never a dancer. And I used to love the way Romana would pull out this wonderful flow even in her gentleman. So we are going to start with some side sit-ups on the barrel. Here we go. Let's take some side setups. There we go. The spread goes down here.

You can take that here and watch the rhythm. Head high end into the air, out with the air tonight. And exhale. Good breathing. Let's reach those arms up. Make it longer. Feel the weight of your arms. Oh, that just made it harder, didn't it? [inaudible] push it out. How about the floor?

Go reach for that floor and exhale another one. Go for that floor. And exhale. One more. Go reach for that floor in. Now stretch all over. Touch the wall. Oh, go the long way. Oh, that's better. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Now. Take your other side. Here we go. Go ahead. Right behind your head. Oh, the hair nice and long them in.

Exhale. Breathe. Blow it out. Good. We get getting red. Yeah, no. Stretch those arms in hexane good and burry. Blow it out. Hit that floor reach. Exhale. Good. And one more. Go the long way. Up and over to the wall.

Stretch. Oh, we're a little tighter here, rich. Stretch that left side. Open your ribs. God. Easy to come down. And let's take the other side. Stand on the other side for the fish. [inaudible] so here you want to hold underhand, come to the bottom rail. [inaudible] take it to your side. [inaudible] join your feet together if a little more forward. Okay, now this feels like the opposite. Here we go. Pick it up.

Go and try to relax your neck and pull up heels together. Toes open, pull and well good. Let's go for that wall. Both nice and pull everything. Oh, an easy down. Let's see your other side. Usually one side's a little harder than the other two together. Oh, I love that. And Ariba. God, pick it up. One more. Pull it up and correct. Good. Easy down.

Turn in and face the barrel. Take your hands here. Let's grasshopper Langston. Relax your legs. Relax, relax, relax. Ready. Now pull it together. Inhale up Ben legs. Straighten the legs and then beat, beat, beat all the way back down and lift up. Then the knees straighten and beat and beat and B and beat all the way.

All the way. Finish it. One more. Lift. Bend, straighten, beat, beat, all the way. All the way. All the way to come down. Good. Now walk your hands in a little closer. Huh? We're going to handstand and pick up. Pull in the ribs. Give me those ribs. There you go. Hold it there. Hold it together and then easy control. Back to the barrel.

Let it go. Let it go. Relax and pick it up. Here it is. Bull in the ribs. Nice and easy. Control down. Walk your hands up the barrel. Walk it up. Turn yourself around. Take the feet nice and wide. Bend the knees and reach forward and take a little look.

Reach back, stretch, breathe, and we'd corkscrew around and up. Uh Huh. Go ahead. Now to come up, hands round, stretch round. Now he gets the treats and as long as you're back and again, round your back. Creech again. Corkscrew. Circle up, circle up, up, round, stretch and side lift. Let this go. Let it go. Go ahead and round it again. Now he gets to massage his back with his own body. Wait, hang on, Ben. The knees together. Bring a manly toes here.

Straighten your legs now. One leg reach, center and down. Right leg reach center and down. Left leg. Reach it now slow. Let it go. Take your time. Take your time. Massage your back down. Open the feet, arms up around inside, and grab that step.

Let it go and roll up and stand tall. You got it.


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More classes from MeJo please:) wonderful energy, I wish i had the chance to meet her.
Hope their will be more MeJo, and the ladder barrel.
This was great! So glad to have more on the ladder barrel!
mas clases de Mejo !!
Great news everyone! Mejo filmed 5 classes for us last week! You will not be disappointed!
Thank You!! I am so excited to be part of Pilates Anytime. I filmed several videos and hope you all enjoy them and can learn something from them. Best Wishes! MeJo
Florence P
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Arrrrrribba!!! FUN 6min!!!
Wow she's rough!!!
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