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Ron's Clock

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Ron's Clock is an exercise designed to increase lung capacity and breath control. Ron went up to 12 breaths, but you can follow along with Ron's protégé Kyria Sabin, as they go to 8 breaths. This is a great exercise to add to the Ron Fletcher Breathing workout.
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Oct 09, 2013
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So this next piece is, um, titled Bronze Clock. Um, Ron, uh, would go up to 12 with this piece. It's about increasing lung capacity and breath volume and control. Um, we'll just go up to eight today. I think you'll be thankful that we do. So we'll start with the arms just rounded by the sides and consider your arms as, as extensions of the rib cage. So as the ribs open laterally to the sides, the arms full simply reflect the movement. We want to try to avoid lifting the shoulders as we do this movement. So the, the que that ran off and gave us to put a weight on your deltoid and think about pressing that weight out to the side. And what that will do is it'll give you, get you deeply connected into your back and deeply expanded through the front of the body.

So let's find that connection and begin breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth. We'll breathe in once out, once in, twice out, twice and so forth. Going up to eight. Okay, join us please. Ready? And two, three, four. Bye. Thanks. Seven. Hey, deep breath.

And one more time. Deep breath in and thank you very much. [inaudible].


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Such a great exercise to start a day !
I do this frequently! I have a friend who knows how to do this now and though we live 3000 miles apart, when we find ourselves getting caught up in life, one of us will text the command/request to do Ron's Clock!
It is REMARKABLY helpful! Thank you Kyria and of course, thank you Mr. Fletcher!
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Wheew! Going up to 12 breaths is a toughie at first but a great exercise which I'm incorporating into my classes, since so many clients are looking to do more breathing exercises for health reasons during these pandemic times.

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