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Fascia and Movement

2 hr 40 min - Workshop


Join Carol Davis in her workshop, The Miraculous Discovery of Fascia and Movement, where you will explore how science is helping to explain what we experience on the Reformer and the Mat. Carol goes over the composition of fascia and how fascia is a very important part of cell function in the body. Our bodies and fascia are a source of energy that vibrate and the effect of these vibrations on our cellular physiology, including gene expression, continues to fascinate scientists.


- Discover the basics of fascia anatomy and physiology

- Hear a summary of new discoveries about fascia that inform us about our work

- Focus on the miraculous discoveries

- Explore the "so what" implications in our practices and in our lives

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Mar 14, 2014
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I am so disappointed in the price for this "class". Unless someone is hands on, it is all just observation. Why would it warrant such an exorbitant viewing fee?
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I too would be very interested in this workshop but can't justify spending quite that much I'm afraid
Susan and Lynne, we're sorry to hear you disagree with the fees associated with this workshop. All of our workshops that are close to 3 hours in length have the same premium of $69. This is a fee we have calculated to be fair while still allowing us to recover our cost of producing the workshop over time. A live viewing of this workshop would have required you to be in San Diego last Summer and pay $695 for the conference that Dr. Davis' lecture was a part of. Regarding "hands on," Sheri Walters (pictured) is the only person who had any hands on during this workshop. The rest of us in the room just observed, listened and learned.
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Thank you for feedback PA, however I agree I was also shocked by the price.
This is really important feedback everyone thank you. I'm curious, do you feel this way about all the workshop topics, or is it just this one? I know that Annette is a Pilates teacher, Lynne and Susan, are you also Pilates teachers?
I am a pilates teacher-personal trainer for 13 years. I loved this information. I tried the share button which always works with workshops but didn't with this one. ??
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I think its completely fair in price. I run a pilates studio in London, UK and I have no problem with the fee. The presenter is obviously very knowledgable and highly regarded and its amazing that I can simply pay a small fee to watch this over and over if i like, therefore referencing it or going back to it if i need to. Thank you PA, the fee prices are very good value for money and keep up the good work.
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I agree with Kate Lewis. This is up to date information that all movement therapists really should be aware of. I am delighted to be able to access this from home, replaying when necessary and would have to pay much more to attend a workshop such as this. Carol Davis is a knowledgeable and talented presenter and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to listen to good lectures imparting cutting edge information at a reasonable fee.
If one purchases this....can it be watched several times over or only the once. As a massage therapist in Australia, this information would be so valuable to me. How does purchasing these workshops work. I notice in Lesley's comment that she can replay when I am assuming that I can watch it many times?? Thanks
HI Michelle, Yes you can watch the workshop over and over for as long as you like.
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