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Carola Shares

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Carola Trier was the very first pupil of Joseph Pilates to open her own Studio in New York City, with his special blessing to carry on his work. Carola taught countless students for over 30 years, and trained many Pilates teachers. On this DVD, learn how she came to meet Joe, and how her own teaching and special approach to the work evolved. Shot in Tarzana, Calfiornia in 1989 after her retirement in 1988, this rare footage of Carola in action is all that we have left of her tremendous contribution to Pilates' legacy.

This vintage video is courtesy of Jillian Hessel Pilates and was shot in 1989.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment

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Dec 27, 2013
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[inaudible]. Hello, I'm Gillian Heso. I'm here to introduce you to my teacher and Palabra. His mentor Corolla Tree Heir Corolla was born in Frankfort, mind Germany in 1913 and passed away at her home ...


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Very good, thank you for sharing.
So glad to hear you enjoyed it, Denna! It was a labour of love to cobble the whole thing together, but I definitely feel we need to remember Carola as an important pioneer in the Pilates Method!
I totally agree Juillian, she was a hard marker but the message was important.
I loved watching all of her hands on cues and pushes and pulls. She must have had amazing hands!

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