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Carola Trier was the very first pupil of Joseph Pilates to open her own Studio in New York City, with his special blessing to carry on his work. Carola taught countless students for over 30 years, and trained many Pilates teachers. On this DVD, learn how she came to meet Joe, and how her own teaching and special approach to the work evolved. Shot in Tarzana, Calfiornia in 1989 after her retirement in 1988, this rare footage of Carola in action is all that we have left of her tremendous contribution to Pilates' legacy.

This vintage video is courtesy of Jillian Hessel Pilates and was shot in 1989.
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Dec 27, 2013
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[inaudible]. Hello, I'm Gillian Heso. I'm here to introduce you to my teacher and Palabra. His mentor Corolla Tree Heir Corolla was born in Frankfort, mind Germany in 1913 and passed away at her home in New York City in the year 2000 or teaching lives on through countless students and instructors that she worked with. Corolla was a German born dancer, Acrobat and rollerskating contortionists. She endured hardship as a German Jew and was lucky to escape from a Nazi run detention camp in France during World War Two after the war she immigrated to the United States and settled in New York City where she supported herself as a performing artist Corolla. Studied with Joseph [inaudible] for over 10 years.

She was the first person to open a gym teaching his exercises and he personally supervised the construction of all of our new equipment. Obviously Joseph had complete confidence in Karola to carry on his work with integrity and she did so with his blessing, encouragement and support. In the 1960s Corolla garnered a lot of press coverage for her fine work in the field of body conditioning and corrective exercise. And she was also a pioneer as an independent woman running her own business. Corolla remained close friends with Clara and Joseph Polarez until the end of their lives.

She retired from teaching in 1988 at the age of 75 in 1989 she traveled to Los Angeles, California to present a teacher training workshop at the kinetic fitness studio. I work closely with the studio owners. Maraysia is a bloom and Quentin Joe Saffi to organize this event. It was one of the first teacher workshops ever done and I'm extremely proud to have been a part of it. Please keep in mind as you view this archival video that in 1989 video was in its infancy. The picture and sound quality are far from perfect, but since it's the only footage we have of Corolla and action, I'm sure you'll agree that it's an invaluable treasure handed down to us from a truly remarkable teacher.

Hmm. Was already on stage and lucky bitch, you know that. But I did my own choreography and I don't want me to answer this with my ideas. And I had accidents when I asked. One was the need was a very nasty thing.

I was supposed to audition for, um, reconsider university called and there was some Khakis, jealousy thing which I was not aware of. And uh, the first time I looked and they said, yeah, it's very good, but we want more technique. You want the acrobatic gave them Ovo at acrobatic work on rubber skates and everything else said, well we have somebody who does such and such a click. So I did the trick and I did more than the trick that they had seen originally. It was, you know, do make a headstand, Wistia the and come down and spit. And I think we staff this movie about that.

And that was what as good, it's without all the skaters, but with voters it's not easy. And what happened in the air, my knee was slightly bent and I just stretched. It tore the ligaments and that was terribly, terribly bad. No, but that was very, very bad. But you tried it time. And then I came to joke with this, that was when I was 29. And um, I remember when I came first time to Joe, he had very nice conflicted. She sent it back. That was one of his strict students who colors.

So when you went in to see the studio for the first time, did you go by yourself or did someone fad that studio or which generally was like a mandatory by my yacht Cannula, also very fine dancer and Jerome Andrew's book. And then you looked at the reunion and said, well our head hurts, but that's nothing. And you've gotten Nikolai and then, and then, uh, and then I had one spring he gave and the spring was all this in the hotels on the doormat. And the springs name was Joe. Joe Was [inaudible] and I did every day my exercise and I woke up, well, I mean, I'm here to tell the tale. I must some free ride. I made a living, he created this program for your hotel room. You my hotel room.

I had the door, now I'm displaying them. That's I did I get to do, I exercise naturally every morning. But let's Joe, I did the legs. What did he mean by muscle control? Can you recall? The trolley Mudgee meant that the mind and the body work together and that your mind will never be clear if your body is not physically fit.

And if you feel, and I experienced it, I said very down and we all have such moments, right? You don't have to be neurotic as I am, but everybody has moments that I'm not good. And you do your exercise and you really concentrate on and you feel legit active. And I remember that. Why did the students show vision to told me you have no control, no control. So one day I said, may I please tell you this to fill out this? That's very European. I never call it Joe at the later, very much later and said, may I tell you what? Don't talk to.

So one day I said, I got the cup and I sit in the Pinatas. I just want to tell you one thing. I am working every night. I have a job standing seven minutes alone on the stage and mostly only on one foot or two you tell me. I have no control. He at all up there but no natural animal patrolling and writing words and I said ever so often if I don't have the muscle control, the natural animal control. Obviously talking about while I was in trapeze in this, I couldn't have worked.

I was surprised because even I did not have, but Joe gave me and did that late ideas. I uh, I have my leg and I shook hands with an h and. M they are, you know, does not and I joked it up and I played that. It's that consistent. It's very important to maintain that discipline about to work when you do the work you do with body and mind. Exactly. And it is important that you do it every day. And I did it to the last day of the week now also. But I did it to the last day.

Every day. I like to do it like to do it the days I did not feel well physically or meant to New York disturbed over because they only then I can judge how you feel. You want to call my clients. They come as a long phase in the morning, they get out smiling. Why? So I know this person doesn't feel good so that not just put it down and do it. They go on the apparatus, they are angry with the apparatus.

They I agree with the world. Look at cruise me most poverty too, right? And then slowly you can see this, see a talk today you talk to them, you make them feel good and then they do the exercise and enjoy them and they could go out and say thank you but uh, give them the fever if you need that and give them pots of the fever and feeding that. If man come in the morning, they have their mind food of this terrible day to know young is very difficult to case and is a doctor and he doesn't know our date. Proceed out of that. We've got patient get well. Can I manage psychiatrists, psychologists who have their minds, food, you know, or gone through Ray, all street people at this point, you know, just tell them, oh, you're looking beautiful. You're not coming here. How handsome? Finally a gentleman in a suit and uh, attended something. Eyes Open. You see, they don't want to talk.

Don't talk, just touch this. I've got to do this. Go. This is much better. Give him an encouragement, telling me some things good. Don't just criticize and if you after maybe criticism, make it construct because that's the odd [inaudible] Corolla always taught the introductory lesson to a new client. She loved philosophies, work with a passion and thrived on passing your intricate knowledge of the human body to a new student.

Her special signature for the introductory lesson was the posture analysis. During this time, she and the client could discover together the specific areas of the body that needed work or improvement. No misalignment or postural imbalance. Good escaped girl is Eagle Eye Corolla taught students of all ages. Here are some illustrations from her children's book published in 1982 as we roll the illustrations, I will paraphrase a portion of Corolla's postural schpeel standing in front of the mirror with your feet, hips with a part. Your body is like a building and your feet are the foundation.

Think of each foot as a tripod like a three legged stool. Balance Your weight evenly on all three legs of the tripod. The legs are like twin columns. They rise up from the foundation of the feet until they meet at the bridge, which is the pelvis. The pelvis or basement of building connects to the upper stories of the building which form your torso and what I explained to them, the foot is resting on a tripod, which means the first and the fifth middle foot bones have to carry it.

E wait to distribute. Those are the toes. These are the middle foot faults, the roots of the terms. That is the tax side for you, for your clients that they do for the and they have to carry equal weight. You see? Then already you find a bridge and then comes one to the third point, the heat it, so you have one, two outside of that is your brick and there is no way to get about away from because if you teach, oh dancing, you're not dancing with the fingers or the toes.

You're dancing with the strengths from here. So the dummy toe we teach is a fair amount. Important because then when the toe shoe cups with that box, this strength comes from correct. Then comes I like pillars, those legs. Then the knees go straight or they don't bent, but they do not what she does at tribe lock back flow.

So if you want to produce that, they go forward and you say press against my head. There you go. So you get the other side. We're alone, but you get it right over yet. Is it all? I would just say if it is then comes the IPPS is the second floor, then the rep, so not cool. They had the shoulders. Now, what I like to say is if I would drop a plumb line to the center of your butt, it would drop right set till your abdominal muscles into that and try to send your without squeezing your balance so that this mustard group and that one meet like two praying hands in that ruler.

[inaudible] yeah. Now look to the side and then people who had a difficulty see that they are straight. I think even trees that are straight or now and I right then, especially with ladies of leisure fat never dones. I say now we made the boundary. Now keep it. Yeah. So yeah, and Bait your leads. Open it a little bit over the pink Youtube. See that light and now try to reach up. No, no, fuck no. Come, come up on your wall or the ball of the street.

Now look at this up and go down now Ben, the gate. Now you'll be stretched for this. Your next ord. It don't block and chuck, thank you a little bit more on the Pinkie to hope they're not too much. You sit there and look through this and come down. Very important for them is that they don't do this because when a gentleman lifts you, you don't want to slide along his body.

And the most beautiful experience that I had was when Eric Room, you'll know that when he lifted, he lifted this [inaudible]. Absolutely just like Nif. Then it didn't matter who the Ballerina was dancing with him, but that's mostly the [inaudible]. So that is really the main point about the prostitutes. [inaudible] I know someone in New York who told me I teach in the first session also might people. How do briefs with the abdomen. Now, I never heard that anybody reads for the room and so you breathe with allowance.

Don't forget that. You know, and if I touch you, you can see when you are a little bit tense up you that I say and she touches me and little bit inside unconscious or consciously you get a little tense, you stop breathing. I had that with one of you. You're nuts. It happens. It happens to me. It happens to all of us. So just say how the hell is what you'd say. You know, and then you leave. The mechanics of proper breathing was always very important to Corolla. She spent part of each introductory session teaching a new client ribcage or posterior labral breathing. She would use her hands.

Here we use an exercise band to cue the client to expand the lungs laterally with each inhale by placing her hands on top of the shoulders, she could also make a client aware of excess shorter or neck tension in their breathing pattern. Karola used one of Joe's pinwheels and would have a client practice blowing through a straw to turn the 10 wheel for as long as possible in order to fully empty the lungs. What you do, you drop your chest down, put that thing in your mouth. Good. Now, nothing else just in and now that, hmm. Corolla always reminded her clients to engage the transverse abdominals to initiate a forceful exhale, which is the foundation of our polato scoop. What I want to show you is this is your exercise and you know much more about yoga than I do because I was afraid that I'd become too fanatic about it. So I stopped after I made a master yoga and I didn't want to go into it because I had the tendency of become too fanatic.

So that one of those exercises that really incorporates the abdominal mat, I want you to see if you get your unions and now I tell you food here and after, don't do it now you any DPN after you. Indeed you push these abdominal vessels. That is what I want you, these abdominal masses out like boom, documented and when then the muscles are all out. You keep your [inaudible] and draw the muscles. By the way, if you ever, so Rina, I, we looked at each other. We could show them extremely masters' better.

He was better than that. Now you did it and now exceed and push out the abdomen. I want to see it getting out more. No, you do it with your mouth. No, no, no, no. Let me go through the lungs. I thought you wanted this stone and not fitting Allegion. Push the afternoon, push, push more, good, push more, push more explanation and broad. The abdominal muscles go there. You should get those [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] things stretch by and x, c e have the next paradigm, but ease a little bit open just for your head to coats and hoard onto the ankle if possible. That way I get more of the m c squeeze in, that is the lower back and you feed that.

Then stretch long out and do award your legs on the side of the dime and you eat it. And then n x, now I added it. It's very rarely done. But Joe, this as slight massage motion or not at all, but upper that year, all over the app. Then then fix it locked in. It's on top of the thigh muscles stretch. And then if stretch [inaudible] and then stretch and then [inaudible] good. You give yourself a massage that way.

But from there I go into the thing and you hear from talk enough about it cause lift your head spin. Just see if the people really check on them, right. They are alive and let them stretch out the next, but keep them on the floor and let them bounce with the apps. The really rich, they see that the spine is flat on the floor when they do it well, lifted x about two inches. Now with got two inches up. You have to be very careful with your clients. Lift the legs higher. It doesn't matter there that it goes deep into the atom. That perfect and from here I go do the roll ups.

Now it looks in the bar. Keep the bow always behind that. Now roller one very broad. After. Now I show you that I can bounce for butt and go through lot that. That's exactly what I told you. The Dr. Jordan Story and Colorado's wrong.

Now do what you want and then some pickers go just as far as [inaudible] ro and now pull up and float. Put it down. Good boy. Good. Thank you. Day and road. See how empty state opened in the back. Everything was strong. [inaudible] [inaudible] and over. Oh their clients. Our clients. Go down up here. [inaudible] open them, file that low down.

Notice your next and Gullah and Oh, look, know where your next open and now it's open next. And I bent over, over, over. Did I say close? No. For no way. Your nose go down and all or, thank you, Lola. Your legs close and down. Come just the straight legs. Ave Bla. Let your hands lose it. Sit Up.

[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] x now x in exit street and Indian and it's in a dog walking around. Don't allow that or don't allow that. This good to go for the other way. Your mouth. Wait a month. Sweet. Get your next good. Now what I want is any excellent but in a [inaudible] in it.

Excellent. Now in order to be able to perform, this whole was out shifting. Put your foot out here and flex it and present to the here and go. Do you switched them out? Don't cross too much. It's no, it's not. That dude requested that to exit and go in your exit in here. Excellent. In your ear. The difference. You said it, his stuff. I said, [inaudible] it up, she'd be at jets and Ben, it's even right now. I show my clients rather guys, I don't know. Most of them do this.

And they put no, that is wrong. Now I let them do it and I see food and I see you see there that comes to logic. It's not just that I have that principle right here, the ride for less than it's, it makes sense now [inaudible] exit. See that you put hot and black. This need comes to here, not you go to the leap.

I mean I saw you're doing it. You'll know that on the bus. Fine. I just repeated to, that's clear in your mind because we all teach, we all do it. The entire leg to Burke and exhalation by yet. See and [inaudible] and you see and it's, that's the senior [inaudible] lunch, the spine stretch. Now there you have to be very careful and if you can wear many but not this, that you've each put your hands flat under and sit just tall, erect this. You can, this is like in the cornea, so don't let it sit close. Read.

And then you reach all it as you exit with your finger tips over your toes. As you get this action, edit and sit tall and stretch in. No, you're inside. Fuck between your next push up like a headset more. The problem with it, they are stretching. Those are good like pillows and go and exceed and stretch, stretch up, push and go and put. All right, now we do this all. Now you are hit, goes to the bed, you twist your body to the net.

You take your little thing that when you bring your head forward and you saw all too sweet state taught at it into the right twist and so to now what I liked is the grip page much soft. They see so the head looks at the foot. That's exactly, Dan goes over this, then the body follows. Then the head goes forward and to exposed to sweep your head as I demonstrated yesterday cause honestly your mind, unless you're drunk and plastic, drains in this man and lift your legs in. Excellent. Bounce to sweet and then stretch and go and kick too. Three and and beautiful and go and kick too sweet and amp. You pick two, three, add up, see and go and pain. Try to kick the [inaudible].

[inaudible] that's what I want Doug. Thank you very much. It's got to the next and the right end and just over to here you are loosening already the lower back. Then you go all the way over and you swing high, uh, tall there. Then you lead back into the pit and Joe would have that down. I didn't know. I wouldn't even go on down just to here.

Now you lose two to here you see you get the lumbar reach, then you go higher and then you jack, not that other one is you lean over, you go up, not so NT precedent there you see and you leave or they don't forget that you're not and then you come up and then you press it a singular yet silence. Now I would like you to have you bring your leg forward and you bounce it x too sweet. You swing it back as you live your rib cage off the camera off, up, up. Yeah. You have to [inaudible] up there. They Edco and X.

And then don't push just to high use high. We're not out there. That's an x and x and you go dominant x, x, [inaudible], [inaudible] x and in here. Can you see it? Good. Thank you. The TSA.

Now the team is really taught this so that you sit down and that you wrote down, but just give a lot of resistance just to give a [inaudible]. This is just now you cannot get the resistance too much with your arms or you sound buddy's tall or you're not too comfortable. This is your, I can drive that now do that for that kid and not too low. Not too low. I uh, I, yeah, I just did. That's the teeth. [inaudible] said the other ones and then we always say wisdom. Did she? No Lips. The dads don't get nervous. Both. Good, good. Wait every morning.

And another thing that you should do everyday. Look at your day going to the [inaudible] procedure to heal goods and just open and close is a bit more [inaudible] so that you get, I do a hundred of those every day. Inner thighs, rocks and [inaudible]. [inaudible] [inaudible] um, what about the twist? Oh, I thought you said the hip twist. Yes. Yes. Swing around and sweating and yes. Okay, good. This can be done this big.

As long as it can be done with straight elbows and it can be done as a career. [inaudible] giving me a word [inaudible] excellent. Now the apps when you one direction or the other, the other direction. Oh, right. This is like repping their stomach, not doing it. No, no more. No more. No. Put it off. That's the get your stomach.

You don't look at the mirror and you're beautiful. Anyway. Position, good Corolla, cross train line and keeping your buttocks tighter or anything. Are you just going from the motion to see it as straight as you can? He needs, I mean are not high. No. No. Wrong. No working on tracking or you just don't work?

I don't really contract too much because I'm afraid that if I see contract or title that the pinch, well you know it is a feeling of legs and when you stretch it long it is contract. But if you tell them contract to another, that's it's so difficult. The terminology you know and how people take it. I mean you can foresee that your clients don't put the fingertips back. The toes are from designing this app under meetings and how you lived out, up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down. Turn around next.

You lying the stuff and I like to do this many, so I tell them to do. You bring the right arm up and the neck, left leg you doesn't matter. Up, sit down. Good. And then you swim in it. It's, it can be excellent. It's a knee chest position. You go around him, that's [inaudible]. Now look at your fingertips. It's too slow in the way. Your back all the way. Go all the way back a oop.

Your arms just to the side and you rise up with within it. I say it back looking at my fingers. Look brilliant. Now, if you were opening that and open it up and don't think it's easy, it involves the dominant. Now Open your arms, come smooth, lowly, hit back and tall. Good. Now we're gonna do my, can you feed this and this so good. Mac Island, I uh, or I have it on the floor. And then you get more. And that's what I liked very much. What down? Does your chest go?

And there you go. Perfect. Thank you. Oh, and all the way down. Good. And reach down to that. The pill has got that z that way, not the other way around. Oh wait, I want to two truths. And you see that stretch? Yes. Feels good.

So you know, can you see it? I'm in your way. And then she used the abdominals, not the legs to curl off and all. You don't want to swing. This is wrong. You see the difference? Hey, you see that law go not so fast. You're not getting anything. Fit it. Not too fast.

Because if you really do with [inaudible], then you get into, you get [inaudible] good. Now you spread it apart. Like in this, come on. Oh, don't be so fast. The [inaudible]. Yeah. Not Today. No. Go. No. Say that like that was from yesterday I think and more around [inaudible]. It's crazy, isn't it? You can prevent the battery first.

[inaudible] thank you Julian. Steal this one. Yeah, that's beautiful. That's very similar to that one. Variation on the, on the FRF. Yeah, absolutely. Yes. Well [inaudible] the first position is here go that Tozer path. Now I want you to be very much aware and very particular about it that the fifth's toe is gripping. Oh, if you give your feet, your people, this kind of an end.

So good. Unless you have art in which you don't have. If ever you train other teachers, let them touch you. That and your feet, if that. Any [inaudible] or if they have the right touch and I touch and there that all five foot bones out on, not just the people, she grips like a barrier. [inaudible] and then what you do is you stretch out.

It's you and you being this year and you stretch as you [inaudible]. I realize that you can lean over, you mentioned everybody this week, but you can nevertheless go look if the active, if the back of the small, the back, the style, it could be really just the app. See, check, check that. The next day you do 10, not 12, and not eight, 10. I mean, I'm talking no genuine, I'm not talking about [inaudible] or the variations. Taking position is close your feet and close your needs and stretches you in a dangerous stretch. As you eat and your voice indicates the game, the way you talk is good and thick. Exposition is up on the heels.

Make sure that the people [inaudible] right, so that you don't go outside and, and, and fix it. The doors inflection. I don't know if you can see it given the fact that this, go ahead. I do it very [inaudible]. It goes to get here. Yeah. Now in the plot, his book and when they talk about the word, they talk more about a neutral kind of a foot. Where is you not in, in the, uh, book.

You Need Friedman in the Friedman book when their foot isn't totally pointed and it's never totally flexed. So it's not where they, reflection is very important. Elizabeth, Mr Friedman, I don't say that. Do you mind referred to what comes now? The attendance because intended stretched. We are not going up at the tour with you guys as we go back from here.

Watch this stretch out and eat food. We lower the fees and we rise and lower the and rise up hoods a little higher. What the dancers like to do this up on the last day. This happens, this happens. So that is what Mr Friedman must have referred to because Romana dictated the book, knows exactly what she's doing. So you put your hands here and you let the people press with the outside down and up to no, no, three counts down to three.

Thank you down two, three up, three down to three. Good position where she is now we're in attendance. Stretch at the gap and then a, you know, what I do is I put, you know, those stuffers for the, we put on the window I put on, because I could come see people's man. You see that I put my finger under the big toe, which was met a child, and then I began the whole thing. Then after this I do the Ronnie, which means, I mean, it's just constant up and down or yes, no, I don't, I don't know how many of you do 10 10 like this, 10 like that. 10 from the, he's 10 like that. And then I go into the right lit detail because you have so much coming afterwards with the, again, with the feed and the game, you know, did I get the running please? And you see here, you must read through it again. Just grew, not scoring all of them. Yeah. Well the cingulate, it has to be a pallet, right?

And this leg should be stretched out and go [inaudible] and x in order to be careful what I do with very off you spank that need to make absolutely sure that this year right, that the back, the lower back. Good. Then you should go back to the extended once it's you. Yes you should do it with extended. I always did it with the extended. My back was down when I was healthy. I mean this is but, but you know you have women and they don't tell you all the als they have. If you wanted to make sure that you don't do it [inaudible] stretch because it pools and then the same comment from the, in terms of the hip placement was the question out.

So it moves out from the prehensile under the hips. Correct? Yeah. And then I would like then comes on to here. You know this, what I wanted to show you is something as you don't have to show that we waste too much. The 10 stage. That's what I wanted to show her watch before we stayed out. Now we go down, we raise up and be back. I'll be very, very aware of that going down there that you don't get high vaccinations when you come up the deck in this muscle, what you do is you just use your own next to Flynn lesson, set it right or block that and I'll pull up and that's to show the relevant, the dancers, the dancers thing. That's something totally you did that on two feet. Now I'll drive. I think this is really ballerina.

So let me finish though. So we have to do it completely on Orthodox for get over that towards yeah, go on the big toe. Stretch out in that hi Welby that Mr Friedman didn't walk because of that book. It could use it. No Way. You eat all the way down and you could even right rise up. Relevate pleaded it told me to [inaudible] IBC.

So rose babies. So if you have to French, German, not anything, you could also see go down. [inaudible] divided them already. So you just asked the questions and let's say they have an advanced client yet you gave him this and that and we say, hey, opportunity that chest legs up and you get the next op as high. Remember this, it's necessary to have the style apps down now x and it and x and x put long.

The longer you put, the less you have a chance to get your shoulders up, up, please up there. All right, fine control, stretch. And I told you if the people right in the fall, we could do this. Now the circulation has stopped being started. The concentration, the coordination. Now let's try it. You could do it. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Behnke Jed was under the carriage and have your fees right next to your side muscle. Now keep the interval down at all times. So what it does, push your fist down as your street units, your legs, close, two legs, bend your knees. Exhale. Don't forget to give and release just to here. Now this is a very bad example here because she does it so perfect, but not in my closets. Keeps down and does it right now. It comes from Jack Nine, Maria June.

Exercise apps down to the carriage SUV. Really your legs up and over your it Sua. It's high up with your lip and slowly down one vertebra after the other. I would like you to resist a little bit up that needs that. The client mix style.

Now you have a perfect back, but if you don't have that, thank you. And knees to your chest. Straight style wrong. Come high and slowly down. You see the ankle I give them. It's not perpendicular, but the ladies are tall and I'm not. Excuse me, we did this yesterday. Yes, no thanks. [inaudible] bring your legs up, arms down close by your body worlds.

Then the over and under trillions flex. Good. Now slowly roll down. Julian will hold you back in. You Pool, pool, open long x. Um, then, um, stout glows by your body in lean over and rise. Open your Dexa to the V and locked the backs and Whoa. You see the knee bending that do then does brings the resistance up. The client has to be very careful.

Amsterdam amps and I'm not big great, but the crime is very careful because she's taking a ride and it you have to go [inaudible] we should ask someone, go to swimming is all for the importantly and then also close to their acuity. So realize that on the back and see that the tumor does not support on the bottom. It's heavy. No, put it in the more, that's fine. Please come see your legs up without moving your that and really cheap. Do, don't sweat. Thank your knees and beg your elbows. Just see how ti, how much pressure and opening goes into the and that is the, that is the difference in the app that's open and now fun. That's what springs is. Look at your feet.

See Joey back there and s just the handle itself the way that when I do this too, I make my math work. Eco Anywhere, the double leg anyway, but this beautiful, you relax all the way back way you sit up x stretch in need, go all the way back, exit and come into the season. [inaudible] poured onto the carriage as if you were lifted up. But you can, your knees [inaudible] and everything gets much more open that you can open [inaudible] they out stretch your legs and bet that that is the beginning. As soon as they can do this well, that strep he down and up and then really use your muscles right the rest of the body, right? This one, this the system automatically pull on that carrot, pull on that camera. You pull in an upward direction and then I show you now go in and x is ordered and excellent.

I don't get the back and then you're slipped again and that's it. I using stretch, he down, he laugh and Ben don't grip grip and I'd go and eat and talk. You should do it parallel because you're running in blackface and then see what you're doing and then open open [inaudible] of the short span on the sash. What we do here is we stretch the legs out, just stripes them forward. You got down now you're rode over, knocked over, flapped over all the way.

And then the open needs each to one x and then we dropped down one and then we put on those straps to the, he's come back. Now we indeed exceed as we roll out before we begin jr we'll roll or down one. And then don't let the food before stretch out as you can roll up and over as you h the short innovation as you read tricks. And then in here in row, the eggs in here and this is very short. It's much way. And then you bet, because this is a portion before and now stretch out, roll all the way up and old x in x dip short.

And nowadays the noise and Ben. Good. Perfect. I have a [inaudible] special and then I use mostly more sprints. And what I see is this, I lift that head up good. And then push it down one more time. Next, your feet flex you like, nope. Like it's, if they would say your prayer, Lord, little lower by putting the lease up you zen. That's [inaudible]. And now push was you push out, push and let it back. Come on, come on, stop fast. Push in.

He then push in then X. Yeah, because I don't have it in your abdomen and push, push. Push your knees and feel it. It's beautiful. The app ended ride and days. Another variation. Stretch your legs up in the right ankle. Now we're going to explore what now opened them. Neverland. Close them without moving the [inaudible]. Most of your next, no, no, sorry. No.

[inaudible] open file and close. [inaudible] and the whole bought onto my son gets up and froze and it was the other way around. And draw. Don't spin. Good and gets slapped there. Right? So that is a scene. AVH Can I go right away and show the long style because I'm afraid I don't get all my work into this too. All I need is long straps.

We need the heavier the swing, the easier the exercise. Right now when you have the Exxon [inaudible] over on the higher, open your legs. Now reach out to the seat, reach forward. What's your next more forward. You are back towards [inaudible] now and now. Slowly reach out and over half the, come on, get down, go down. You're no, you're sinking. Reach long, long, long.

That's it. Don't put one a little bit. If you can change it now put your legs in mind right now. Rise higher time. Open your legs and arch up and over your toes. Come on and get going low and can come and get higher. Open and reach out. Pedal this fall with more. Have the feeling that you are sure. Go. You sit over there, Julia. This was a Buick.

Now PPO, an x, a path come up. Now it's much more difficult. Close your next arch up and to go slowly. Now you do that with Xero clothes and rolling down [inaudible] Oh, okay. Not so fast. Put them in the writing open like Oh, word.

High up, higher, higher. Close your legs. Pull a little forward. Good. And now, Ooh, but keep the pressure in your toes. Now if you really need for therapy, you should do without them. [inaudible] the background. One of my teachers said like a doe. Joe said, lack of battle. Well, I liked your dry and now what they do.

Don't move here any more at all you needed to, but don't that straight arms and keep this. Oh yeah. Thanks. Now push it up and back. That's so far, huh? Straight into [inaudible] and sweat. And now Julian, be careful that it doesn't blow up. Up and up and up.

Good and thank you. [inaudible] we do the aggressive motion. Get this all open, that chest pillows. Now the shoulder lean forward and be like that kitten that eats the mouse and it's calm. And then like now stepped up for a moment, get off the ground and then comes to the stand in east [inaudible]. That is a normal walk. Put Your right hand on the rock.

That's [inaudible] [inaudible] the knee this way, sorry. Lead flow and to go stretch and stretch and see that you come on gold and of chambers to your nudes. Good, good, good. And answer that restriction. [inaudible] restriction. Always the correct name in the pit. So restrict out and then you do very notable that you stretch out.

And then we look very conceited over this show. We come all the behind that up. You see this show definitely need x and e has to be done better and you do this. I'm going to develop that. So in a scoliosis you have, let's see the right show that played out in the left lift. So you have to do this so that if you would have me walkie prays that brace would do this to me.

What would your body, so about these things you have to learn bit, study a little bit and then work on the show week showed up and the week pelvis [inaudible] stretch out straight stretch. No out. Now from the finger to the e you should see like one piece of steel fall, but I think it's adding back writings. It's too heavy. Yeah. I need two views. Yeah, you should. I should have come to my dog. I knew how the springs man to father. I don't want to cry to fat for Dick, Eh, back and swollen. I cried down, down.

[inaudible] pain. Good. Looking back, Yoda ankle, that really shows the control. Si not asking too much. Just just good. I'm stretched up to see what it looks like. Three. Yeah, no job at that. Watch liquid. Stretch out all the weight.

Flatten your back and come forward for work for a watch. That's what he did. Go to half that. You've got to push it out and come forward and Oop, you want to wash? Um, also there's a little bit of movement there. All your risks. Go. Definitely see it. Stretch out mat and come all the before it just sits flat. She's still curved. You named crap. Her body is [inaudible] curve to the back to my program.

[inaudible] big stretch long is Ben a SUV. Stretch is [inaudible]. I know your head back and tall press. That robot's in low. Got It. And can talk. Oh, you want to do this time? Go ahead and cut now. Stretch arms. I'm tall.

Stretcher. Come tall, tall. And now it was kids to do it this way. You stretch forward and your legs fly up and she's a kid and that's good. And then I come up on your knees. No simple up back so that the share [inaudible] not back.

Just slipped forward when I sit back. Back. Yeah. What's the dressing benches? So then we should have to do that to [inaudible] and stretch that cord and Ben and stretch and stretch. It's ended with sideways. I go down. Oh yeah. Straight leg. Yeah. Three times.

[inaudible] yeah. Thank you. [inaudible] now that the sick person you control is heavy as I go. Yeah, you're cool. Just today you could be amazed. They can leech you. Get off the table and touch the tub.

It's amazing. I'm satisfied now. This is very difficult, thankfully that can be fixed opinions and tried to stretch your legs straight and see that you get that lift back in almost this. Then I tried to sit down and bring that back. Not come back. I no rescued. Yeah. Try One more without anything. No, you didn't go to. If they're not down there, you ran or go snooze. They then, then straight up and back. Thank you. Um, now this can be done with it and you go down again, soft in your chest all the way.

Don't go out before you are really down. I see. That's what I really decides about. Go down, down, down and now thing, heel and back and I add back on that that you [inaudible] now you have another baby. You see all of those things are variations and some big dogs comes back to the same stress. This came off straight out then and straight and then I would stout right that this is down. Now don't think you cried too thick to make sure that there's a style because not many people who can bend their knees as she does through there and instead of you down.

Now it'd be vague if it could be marked red. Now comes he is childs and then I think that amount by just bending, stretch. You know Tarsal, what? We have kids that are in the same thing for Hansel. Go your good. Be a little bit higher up on that so that you are yes and you look at on this thing until it and the toe and the toe and this is healthy. This is sick. You would bend your knee or even use one spring for two feet and then for it you're like no, do it on this. You have about a read over the on the one day, no side that, that no. Yeah, those are the side one. He's healthy. Almost acrobatics.

No, no, no. That's a big did I please do what I see hit down at that other arm there or whatever. But you're under your head and go stretch what you do with it. [inaudible] next stretch door fall and comes all the way down now. Next. And they ordered, they got that script that you get. They had streets that you have this strip, higher CP sound soundbites when you see somebody who does as well.

But we take that very much for Brian. Yeah. And then if you would just, you know, it's more touch than pull and then flex rolling and get it. Shall we show the therapy one? Yeah. I wrote my body all the way. Little but Justin, this was and then I see it and then I been like seeking just I met your head and then I rode down and I wrote old. See they got pressure was more than that. You get out then I stretch.

That is one and I bet that is for Max and I didn't risk any of this. Diagonal puts into the supporting muscles or pressure [inaudible] and boy you are off the GCA skit and you may see how you, you stretch them. This, this was easier than the teaser. Beautiful. That [inaudible] good and go and e and x. This is a healthy, yes. Do you want the two version slider way for the sick ones?

All right, cool. You stay where you am. I say that now I have a long spine strat and for a sick person or a person will hyper extents that's active. I keep the knees soft. Remember the knees aiming in that slim. It is so not been that. It's fine and it's so, so, so you can resolve for has a prison. It's rather difficult. It doesn't keep it to see Penny Bang.

So you want to feel exactly. You wants to really not hyper extent. You want to not hurt the hamstrings, find the work on the other side of the quadriceps months, not the other day then, but you also want this, I have to talk why you do it, you know I'm sorry. But now I want to do also can do with it is you just close and you extend out. If you would hands there and bring it in. You see that way was that flip up and out.

Think at it and I could you see what I do? I would back and my legs would go out. Relax. But if you go, not yet, but I went back and it's a question of having the right foot on my thank you. So now we put it back on it. Now I'll show you the past. See the way the dots at us? No.

Alright. You can do that. To do that. I would lag at first like the dots I guess then and really past the beats pass and all that. It don't be to stretch out to the side instead of side. That's what you constantly can't. Yes, the side, and this is not sad. You see Richie came off now, thanks for 10 that was because I put to two and if I can finish that, if they did, she comes to fat z. If I push too fat out so I can push her and then look to leave me back clean, which you caught in this country clubs.

I don't know why you mix the language because you just couldn't see past by open up to the side. Mother didn't like the music. When you do single leg variations, the spring is always in the center. Okay. Absolutely and you should have the heavy, the heavy mix wasn't there. Now we do need to reverse out managing this now is [inaudible]. Right? You can see how I push it out. Now if the person's not so healthy but wants to do it at [inaudible], you can get paid been, but you've been scared. I always have a pillow on it. It's not necessary now. Yeah, take two.

She sent it to say the other way around. Then that pillow under the head is really nice that you ever to right that, that, that stuff is good. That's enough. It's great state [inaudible] state and it's very important that the teacher doesn't put too much because if the teacher puts too much UTI, I just happened that stilts and that must not happen. If you don't put too much, you can do it within your match and within your range of motion, then that will not happen and you don't have to punch and pinch. By the way, when you can touch people, don't go with a Feeney. This screen, use your hands, your hands are good. Use the palm of them. Give the feeling of security. If I'm not secure, I'm not so sure about what I'm doing. I'm not doing it.

[inaudible] oh, echo, go. Don't swing it. You see your kid the again stomach neat. Need the palm of your left hand. You can you try to keep the legs straight. Adam c then for tall and I wouldn't say down [inaudible] and and do it [inaudible] and reach out as think that you had a sweat attached to the or. This is an index toe and hi and reach out into this neuro reach not out.

There you are. Hi. Uh, and Eh. Thanks. Now the normal, original passe recorded message doesn't hurt the way it should be done and the way it's also done for reaccreditation, which is paramount. Now stretch out. You come forward. Don't deserve it. You look back much and you point too much. You don't bend your knee and stretch back. Be sure straightened back straight. Come from can you relax for then and go back. Cap that knee and then come for, go back.

They see my hands. I'm holding the heat. Now we do sound for the dots. Ben and Dan. Tom Do you on now yet that means stretching. Come on back on that ball. But sincerely your concert that reach out to the front half of server. Bang, Jenny.

Hi your shoulder. Don't be interested though, boy, that in fact they don't option then comes to so thank you. Good. Look at that night and strap to slit, stretch and go and strap this to mom. You can doubt. See you ran a Howery and you know what the neck instead of keeping it at 11 but you do me a great favor, man. This happened. My staff find out what we sometimes do and what is not the decider and comes at it. All right now put the five more on that again. That means little boots in the back. Go all the way back and did it. Sculpt it. Yeah, but you don't go out the dog.

Stay down there. Go tight. Tight, tight, tight, tight. That's it. Oh go up. Now go up and down. Well, back on a young tobacco. Well come on. Go Pee pee. That's good. Bye. Thank you. You're pretty advanced when you're through with that. We had a therapy negative working on the side with the bottom dead straight where that is, right. Thank you. Did at least when we have a sick bad event, the higher up you curly the, that's the food.

The foot don't yet sick. Eating all that to receive good. And you see here revenge the knee and now I shouldn't let you do love to stretch and talk. No, go to school for that. So you get the clots. Yeah. You go back, get all of this without endangering by the way. Pregnancy z you could do here. Next is no why not and the other one and I show you something else that I like and that I found out my clients needs but don't have to see that it doesn't sink down that to gain support.

People see the difference. Now Push, push your knee came down that and pull it and push out. Now you could say Corolla resist so much. What do you, what does she need the spring for? The spring keeps it [inaudible] you know I give more with this but is still with, if I do it only because my hand, I need to check it. This is really abdominous. I back up at that [inaudible] income height. Not to do that. I see roll. It will come on and get cold roll down and the long shot and roll over. Just I don't think you ever the kitchen. Yeah, I repeat the shift. It is important because the client might fall out, slapped out, and this week gets a feeling of security and it gets that feeling of support.

This, this not Pepsi Schwartzman and bank Boson [inaudible] in row one and stretch and bend your knees and that's [inaudible] that you said, which you cannot do on the [inaudible]. When I don't rise. This again look so easy to perform. It's very, very difficult. Difficult to teach. Don't think that this is easy and teaching it fatigues you because people cannot do it and to get them to Whoa, it's much more difficult then think at the mall.

I go from there to the downside, I telling them and that there are lots of varieties, variations, come street Jack, go for that with your legs flat. Oh, which way are you still there? I don't know which way is over. Okay, I saw you do it because over you don't do a backpack open-ended and wrong and come up and when I see Latin down there it is so that you don't come to the bass, you know, open gimme gimme go northwards now come with the ruler down. Don't fall down on me before safe road doc, do not be a, because they have to digest it, you know, open units. [inaudible] close your legs and this was beautiful. Okay, now let me show you about me. Straight up. Open your neck road. Keep your legs straddled. Why?

Oh and paint them till the feet come together and say, Hey, and now you go, now you come up and now you reach long open high all the way straight. Once you overspend, bend your opens about the stances, keeping your gun and growed and stuff. Then you can reverse the same thing by coming up bent. You have to get you back and see can we do more scratch Kumbaya. Busman's holiday open to next and not much. No, it's rolling. I guy that tried on and there is one stretch I can do to stretch and then you just come back and come up. You should get a vibration [inaudible] many of them. And then you do the bats.

Go slowly and then you think [inaudible] good. And then I want to say never more repetitions of each then street each way. You know, sometimes only 2 million each way and because you do so maybe such a variation of it, you ended up with extending. Even if you do two each way back and then they're never more than 10 just don't forget that I said that yesterday already. That we have subject variety of bossed exercises that you don't need a 10 20 a repetitions. It's not good. Good.

The [inaudible] straight forward, straightforward forward. I'm thinking right hand and left hand doc back on back there on the bottom right hand. Right foot. Cities rise high and see all the beanbag. Hey that straight up. Yeah, I hadn't hit that. Hit that now coming down drape close down, right foot down and that [inaudible] ago in the back and stop before [inaudible] lots of exercises.

It something [inaudible] there. Well it was very much an acrobat so long as we got there on the paper. I don't doubt show you my limerick and I in a good spot there that you could see it and what you like. Now I would see benching. Ah, this is where else Benton and I knew that long before. I knew the long flight about yoga. Oh love this and I came to this country and got acquainted business. You're thinking I was, I would do for that, but then I found out that I trained that if you breathe in, you breathe in, you never go.

I don't want to demonstrate that they never go and stay there. Same thing [inaudible] more dangerous is when you live and to see and you feel when you do this, you don't even have to ask for you to. Does it go down on the scheme that you're doing that you feel how to Lange the leg from what you wanted? You pull it and then you bend, you paint. You press into the hand, into the back of the side to make sure that the schools in that top, if it is taught, you have to know what you're doing. You're given app ethical. Yeah.

You and Rhonda Reddit, so it's on top of the trapeze, not in the bottom. The bottom is there for all the hanging here. [inaudible] not too high up just to hear it stay here. You see that is what the boundary that does not, she wants to come all the way, but before she does absolutely sure that she does support. Steve. Good. Thank you.

I'm Steve that you really make sure that this is style. You know, what did you have before that postures, it red rolls into the big doors. So when you have this clarified, then you would this one yet and go down as low as you can and this is for the Achilles. You see for the academic pended, you get a beautiful stretching, get that update, drew. It's unlocked and you can see how that's riffs. Activist Tendon and the surround in the [inaudible] slips. You know about the pairing of scenes [inaudible] hospital very well and you see the value [inaudible] the Ashley on that road.

It is happens to be this exercise obviously. Get it. Yeah, out. Yeah, I can do turn out that it's straight, straight, straight. Now you would support was this foot, that foot so that it cannot roll in and then you lower. So you're low work and then you put it up and put your heads in frontier and put affiliate put up there, put it up, get it and go down. Don't stress and straight to the hamstring. Put up writing right there. Good.

Now Pa me over in the Goto and go down and rise up in the straight leg forward, sir. It just ask if you don't or if you do not agree, push more. We make sure that you support good and the others otherwise stupid not go like it went too good and this would be y. Yeah. [inaudible] you see, even if you want to have your knee over the little toe, you open from the adopters, you open from the hip and that that happens. It happens from here. It doesn't happen from down there. The reason for having the knee over the toe as opposed to just straight is to just have it really parallel and you really have to weed whether it is on the, on the big toe you are, you see, oh right. She was going out of their name should be bother. Thing comes from not nice.

She shouldn't be sick though. But the high you go with them all. You have to make sure that the hips which went up in back. All right. See Ya. It's not easy. [inaudible] good. Now should we do the [inaudible] oh, so I'm the fall.

You were Ms Sass the foot I wrote all the real man come back and more do this y'all. Nope. [inaudible] the ball to you. You have to turn much day. You see this [inaudible] it [inaudible] grip. That's how she uses the tools like the [inaudible]. If you ask all the minute the tasks with the video footage that I would say the school, they be tried to Richard, this really short. My parents do it. I did, but I mean the effort made to want to pick it up, to try to get up is just as good as really handing it to the have a beautiful picture.

We did it better than a tootsie roll or you put it on the big toes and you sweat the toes night upon that and [inaudible] he does all this up. He didn't have a lot of time there because most people fall down. If you have this manufactured and smoking stuff [inaudible] then this neat and Haute, this needs to go. Now, this support is important because I want you to keep this pressure so that the knees out because otherwise what happens at fault it. Yeah, and and the higher you can grow up with this, the more attention you get into the other foot.

All right? Is it [inaudible]? [inaudible] you see, if you take those heads, your risks and you slip that too far that the chair tips, I mean, don't do that and it's perfectly good. Now you can also stretch out and Balkan across your legs. This will open up and open the same. I open it, then tighten, tighten, tighten, tighten that. Now you get there. Now you're getting that fan here. Okay, so that would be down. Then he gets two straight. Then you have it then and and eh, and in, not easy, but that's why I started out here. Excellent. You know, XC stretch in the inside, you know. No, that's why I started off by, you're too fast for me.

I exhale and inhale when you stretch. [inaudible] definitely. I love Crouch to it. And you squeezed the ring, hoarded two, four, six and release. Add, go and squeeze two, four, six and release. Release, release. Add it to the inhalation. But the end is the inhalation. That's don't have to say that. Right. And the explanation comes in that fat bank at squat down that now rise up on the toes as you straightened your needs and as you bring your pelvis, don't take it easy. She does. It's over and lowering and squatting and under was yet.

Yeah, you're good at doctors there. Now you have this, she gets news. It's no problem. By the way, I want to tell you something. [inaudible] trick. When you bring your arms out to the side onward, your arms out to the side, right. That you could have an imaginary wall and recipes recipe.

You would've heard about it. I mean, I had to work so much. It was balanced all this time that he had the support. You need gates and it keeps the chest saw, the answer. Just stretching. That's been getting. Then you're thinking dancing right now to start this exercise. It's just came in between. It was just a side thought. See that. Otherwise you criticize the piano to activate that the other way around for a little bit. It's nice.

Then that came out and all that doesn't work. And you doctor does be confused about [inaudible]. That's I read again the opposite. I must. Yes. [inaudible].

Did you have some tennis elbow? [inaudible] seen the off forums you have that asks you that now my shoulders are feeling it just from the effort of pulling my arms. Yeah, it does. And it develops as the by, right? Or you can roll it up. I know. I should. Anyone else want to try? This is two pounds. That's about [inaudible]. God. Oh, I know that you are going to tackle tomorrow.

So flowers and the most beautiful ropes. [inaudible] [inaudible] girl. [inaudible] yeah. Thank you. [inaudible] [inaudible] thank you very, very much. And take care. Individ scriptures, which are the oldest written history of man.

They say that teachers the mass and the highest incarnation human beings, next step to work on that [inaudible] be a lot of money. But there's a lot of magic, you know when you have people who come walk and do things and they walk out of your studio too and they can do what you couldn't do very often the Tia scan down because you're doing a one to two, but you help [inaudible] and it's so rewarding and um, it really replaces that show business of laws ciliates go. So it's a lot. It's a not yet inside you get more back. I think that you get it.

You never forget and you don't expect it. You know, I didn't expect from anybody anything and it's amazing. So just coming towards [inaudible], this is my sentimental item. It is in Joel Scott after he took the match work himself that I, you know, when I did the math work, he did that. Oh, he fought crafted, and then he took her sitting on the bench. He just smiled at each other. It's just sentimental document that it was really, really, he and I, I think it's a good picture of Joe. It looked like fasten [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].


Very good, thank you for sharing.
So glad to hear you enjoyed it, Denna! It was a labour of love to cobble the whole thing together, but I definitely feel we need to remember Carola as an important pioneer in the Pilates Method!
I totally agree Juillian, she was a hard marker but the message was important.
I loved watching all of her hands on cues and pushes and pulls. She must have had amazing hands!
this 2 hours documentation with Carola is one of the most beautiful I saw! do you sell more videos from this workshop with her? and how old was she here, Jillian Hessel ?
Cheryl Z
Her cues and knowledge and eye were truly exceptional. I am only at 50 beats in teaser working to a hundred daily , very inspired. Her speech to make people feel beautiful  to lift them up showed her inner Beauty what an incredible photo. Picture of her and Joe at the end after she took her class amazing.  Thank you for sharing her practice with the world Master instructor Jillian Hessel.

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