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Workshop #1051

Scapular Stabilization

2 hr 10 min - Workshop


This mat-based workshop by Rael Isacowitz will develop the skills you need to counterbalance the effects of long hours spent in office settings and will provide programming designed to support and facilitate a free, mobile, and well-functioning upper body.

Core strength has become the focus of many exercise programs today, and justifiably so. However, instructors need to pay equal attention to the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the organization of the head and neck.

Topics Covered:

• Review the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, neck and head

• Explore ways to mobilize the upper thoracic spine in order to achieve proper alignment of head, neck and shoulders

• Learn how to incorporate small props such as the foam roller, magic circle and flexi bands into an exercise program

• Review optimal body positioning for the Pilates instructor while teaching clients

• Learn how to design a home program for both clients and Pilates teachers who want to focus on this area of the body

What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband, Magic Circle

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Apr 30, 2013
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Continuing Education Credits

If you complete this workshop, you will earn:

3.0 credits from National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP)

The National Pilates Certification Program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)


it is a shame that he spend half the time just for introduction and thanking everyone on board. Also, I find that many teachers using Pilates anytime as a market to sell their goods and this is not why I have subscribed Pilates Anytime
Thank you for watching this presentation. It is true that I thanked the PMA, my assistant and cameraman. Possibly expression of gratitude is unnecessary, but I find it important in my life and career. I timed my "thank you". It came to 41 seconds, 0.5% of the total time. Therefore it is misleading to say "half the time" was spent thanking everyone.

As for Pilates Anytime being a market to sell goods, I personally view it differently. I see it as making more product available to a broad audience to freely pick and choose. I am grateful that my education (BASI Pilates), my books, DVDs, manuals and software (Pilates Interactive) are very successful. I am humbled by the success and grateful for it. I am equally as grateful to Pilates Anytime, for whom I have tremendous respect, for generously sharing education. Sorry, but again, I find myself thanking everyone.

I wish you the best,
Don't ever change the way you are !
It makes you a fantastic teacher and person.
I love your work. I will see you in september. I am registered
In your pro bridge program
Marie josee packwood from Canada

Thank you for your feedback Tali. You have made two important statements here. I'd like to address both, but I need more information if you don't mind.
When you say that "it's a shame" that Rael spends half the time thanking everyone, I think it means you only saw the 2 minute preview (the first 2 minutes of the workshop), is that right? We have looked into picking a different 2 minutes when featuring a workshop, but unfortunately, 2 minutes of teaching out of context didn't seem like a great option either. I will revisit this issue in an attempt to prevent other's from feeling frustrated in the future.

On the point of teachers using Pilates Anytime to market or sell their goods. Can you be specific as to what it is you don't like? Is it that you don't want us to offer workshops or let you know that they have books and DVD's for sale? (continued)...

Every instructor on Pilates Anytime was personally invited by me because of their experience and their body of work. It is common that teachers of this caliber will have written books and produced DVD's. In the interest of spreading good Pilates around the world we think it is a good idea for people to know how to get more info about the good teachers. That said, we are also not interested in "selling" anything other than good Pilates so if you think the delivery of content is being done in a way that does not support that mission, please let us know in more detail so we can adjust accordingly.Thank you again for sharing your thoughts here.
Dear Marie-Josee,

Thank you for your kind words. I very much look forward to meeting you in September.
Once again...
great,great,great!Thank you so much
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After viewing 3 chapters I would already like to give a comment. First, I really like how slowly and clear in words you, Rael, are leading us through the workshop. I have already learned a lot and will definitely go back and watch again. But I always wish that I would get a Backview, since we are talking scapula! Only once, at the very end, you turned around to demonstrate the exercise with the band. That is such a shame! Why aren´t we seeing Lisa from behind to really understand what you are doing, - especially when there are so subtle movements that you correct! We see beautiful Lisa, but don´t know what she did.
Another question that I have is how much attention do you give to the lower ribcage, - is the alignment here important to you? I can see my clients doing the band exercises, and have difficulty to stay stabile in their ribs..
Thank you in any case!

Dear Silke,

You make an excellent point. I wish we had 2 cameras, then one typically focuses on wide shots and the other on close ups. There is another workshop of mine called "Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle" available on that I believe gives more of the close up shots you are looking for. Again, very good point and thank you for making it.

Regarding the lower ribs, I pay a lot of attention to this area as it often indicates tension, excessive use of the lower back muscles and at times hyper-lordosis. In addition it may indicate lack of abdominal activation. In short, this area is very important not only in relationship to shoulder work, but also alignment in general.
As a BASI student and apprentice instructor testing out in August, I found both of Rael's workshops extremely helpful and informative. Living in NY and far from Costa Mesa, CA where BASI is headquartered, these workshops are invaluable to those of us looking to apply our knowledge and fine tune our skill set.
Thank you!
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