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Explore the Rollover exercise with Monica Wilson in this tutorial. The Rollover is for those who are already comfortable practicing the intermediate exercises and want to progress to the advanced work, and who do not have any neck or spine issues. In addition to learning the exercise, you'll work on alignment and creating space between the vertebrae.
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Oct 19, 2014
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All right, so today I'm going to teach Rebecca the roll over, which is an advanced exercise and we're going to learn it as if we have are comfortable with the intermediate series. We want to start doing advanced work, but we just can't start taking an advanced stats class, so we're going to learn it bit by bit starting with the rollover. So the rollover is a beautiful opposite exercise of the roll up in the roll up. You are going to move your upper body to meet your lower body and then roll back. It's all about alignment about moving one vertebra at a time, either starting from the bottom, starting from your tailbone and rolling down or starting from the top, rolling from your upper back end rolling up. Obviously we use our powerhouse in all these exercises, but we're really working on alignment and even creating space in between each vertebra.

Really huge in this exercise to get the fluid in between each vertebra and keep it all lubricated and young healthy spine. Okay. So we're going to be starting right now with our knees bent, but we will eventually do it with our legs straight on the mat, how the rollover should be. And with any advanced exercise, it's really important that there's tempo and dynamics to it. So we'll do it two times really methodically, bit by bit, learning it, and then we'll add that tempo and dynamics into it. So let's go ahead and bend your knees into your chest and now straighten your legs up to the ceiling. And I'd love the Plata stance. We want your legs to really be working by, I love to use the image of a barbershop pole, the red and white stripe.

So from the hip bone to your ankle, I want there to be red and white stripes swirling all around till you get to your ankle. And then your foot just naturally turns into a Pilati stance. Okay? And I also love a zipper behind that, your inner thighs. So I want you to zip up the back of your inner thighs, getting some really tight little skinny jeans, k, and we're going to use your abdominals. Really use that powerhouse to curl your tailbone towards. You. Start by curling it good, and then keep rolling up your tailbone.

The next Bong until your toes touch the mat. Nice and straight. Good. Now once they touch the mat, I want you to push back onto the ball of your foot. So two, and then you're going to slide the ball of the foot apart, shoulder with the part and push back in. Once more, keep the legs shoulder with the part and roll down. Starting from your shoulders, I'm going to give you a nice stretch here, pushing onto the heel of your foot to really lengthen. So you have the upper back down, then the middle back and the lower back is going to next. Go down again in a straight line. Good.

Reach this right hip a little further away from you. Good. And now holding the legs here so I can come over to this side. You're reached those shoulder blades away from your, there you go. Relax the feet as you reach all the way down there, they were apart, right? So I'm going to stay apart reaching out of your powerhouse and they're going to wrap and squeeze clicking here and they're going to go back over.

So your feet are relaxed. You use your belly to draw it in and go all the way over, and then you make it a push. Good separate. So their shoulder with apart, push back again. Good. And now roll down your upper back and your middle long arms. Good correction there. Middle Back, really drawing in that powerhouse.

Good sweep. Reaching out of the belly, squeeze together and all the way over for the third time. Push back on the ball of your foot with the legs together than separate. Push back again and really rolled down. It's best if there's not all kinds of weight on your neck when you roll over. So try to keep more of your shoulder weight on your shoulders.

On this last one, we transitioned to the reverse, so we're gonna reach soft legs all the way down. They click together, but now we're going to open and actually flex the feet and parallel and scoop your belly in and go all the way over. Good. Now push back again on the ball of the foot, but not by the chest, by reaching the legs. Then squeeze together, push back again. Nice. And you're going to roll down with soft fee zipped thighs. And the tough part is you're trying to keep your thighs really tight to your chest as you roll down.

So you're trying to stay really close. Sandwich together. Reach long down, open up, flex and parallel. It's keep it in line. There you go. And over. No, not wider than the mat. Right? And then push back, squeeze together, push back, good and relaxed. Feet, barbershop, Poles spiraling, squeezing those inner thighs together. Polling them to your chest. And last one, you're going to keep your belly anchored as you reach down. Open.

Go all the way down this time. Go all the way down. Yep. And then flex in parallel and over. Good. Let me see how we're doing here. Good. And push back on the ball of your foot. Good. And slide your feet together. Goods pushing back one last time and then squeeze my hand as you go down with relaxed feet. And now you're pulling your belly, your legs to your chest.

Pull your leg. Oh, there you go. Nice job. Good. All right. So let's hug our knees in. Good. The only other correction I would like to see is that your shoulders, as much as you can, use those lats and use your arms to really reach away so that we have nice long arms. That's hard. Cause as we're over we get more and more crunched. But that's another benefit to the exercise. Good. So you ready to start it with tempo? Yes. All right. So do three each way.

Any questions? Starting with your legs straight down. How's it been feeling? Good. All right, so shoulders a little bit more. Good. So the tempo will become more. Um, once you have come down to a 90 degree angle, then we'll give a nice big sweep and up and around. Okay, so to start you're going to, uh, we're gonna go right on over. Good push back. Open shoulder with part pushback. And now roll down upper back, middle, lower sweep down together. Over. Good. Push back.

You're getting it open. Push back. Roll upper back, middle, lower soil. Down and over. Nice. Push back. Oh, Ben. Parallel back. Good. Rolling down. Arms reaching long. That was three. So you're going to click the heels open and over. Prs. Back parallel. Good. Squeeze together a plotty stance. Now as you squeeze your legs, Pulliam to your chest, Pulliam, cheer that two more. So we down open and over, and good. Squeeze together. Good.

And this is going to be your last one. Lengthening legs close to your chest. Try not to open wider than the mat here. Down. Open and over there. Yeah, go squeeze together. Good. And rolling down. Pull them to your chest. Use the belly. Lengthen those arms. Nice. Relaxed feet to finish. And so then you would transition to single leg circles by just dropping that left leg and you'd be ready to go. Okay. Nice job. Very good.

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what is a nice exercise to help gain more core strength to be able to do this without pushing through the arms?
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What exercises can be taught to a person that cannot roll over?
Monica Wilson
The corkscrew is a great start on the mat. If you have a reformer, Short Spine massage is a great introduction to the Roll Over on the mat. Hope that helps!:)
Yes it does, thank you Monica! I loved the tutorial btw :)
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This is a good explanation of the correct position, but I could really use a set of exercises to build up to this, ala Brett's teaser breakdown.

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