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There are many ways to learn how to improve your Teaser, but if you only have a Mat, then this tutorial by Monica Wilson is perfect for you. She starts with a full, basic Mat workout at a deliberate pace so that you can set yourself up for this exercise. She focuses on guiding you up to Teaser while making sure you aren't fatigued so that you can do the exercise properly.
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Aug 03, 2018
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Hi and welcome to my tutorial on teaser. There are many places to learn how to do a better teaser, but I'm going to assume that you do not have full access to all the apparatuses in a [inaudible] studio. Otherwise, some great places to learn how to do a better teaser would be on the Cadillac or on the one to chair on the spine corrector and even the reformer is a great place to learn the opposition, the feeling of your belly, really pulling back against your arms is a great place to learn. But if you don't have any of those apparatuses, we are going to learn how to do a better teaser on the mat. Now I'm also not going to just do the teaser. I'm going to start with a full basic mat at a deliberate pace and I'm doing this on purpose so that you can set yourself up, set your muscles up to do a better teaser because I find that one of the reasons that everyone has a hard time doing the teaser on the mat is because your muscles get very fatigued by the time you'd get to it.

And you start lifting your legs with your quadriceps muscles or your tight hip flexors or your lower back and you just can't get into it. So I'm going to try to help guide you leading up to that, what you can do, what muscles you should be thinking of to do your teaser better. We're also going to use the wall at the end to learn how to maybe use the wall and helping you do a better teaser if you don't have an instructor to help hold your legs up. So Coleen's going to help me with this tutorial today. So we're gonna stop, lie down any way that you can, and we're going to start off with a hundred but we're going to be really, like I said, focusing on certain muscles and going at a deliberate pace. So I'm going to actually switch up the hundred quite a bit today and I hope you don't kill me for doing it.

So we're going to draw your knees into your chest and hug them in. Good. Alright, so is your lower back flat on the mat? That's awesome. Good. All right. And I want you actually, let's put your feet down on the mat and now place your hands one over the other behind your head. Good. I just taught a tutorial on how to do rolling like a ball better. And so we're going to be building on a lot of those principles as well as, since I was talking about having a fatigued muscles and tight, lower back or hip flexors, you might try class three, three, three, three before doing this tutorial to help really get your muscles stretching in the right alignment and position.

So we're gonna start with your hands behind your head and I want you to take a big breath. And as you exhale, draw your belly into the mat. Beautiful. Good. Try to relax your pelvis. Good. And a big breath. And this time you're going to use your powerhouse by pulling away from me and exhale and round your head up to look at your belly. Good. And the ultimate goal here, take another breath, is to see if you can keep your head up and still pull away from me into the mat. We're gonna do that. One more time. Big Breath, you become a pyre even better.

But most importantly is that you're pulling in your belly and take another breath and this time pull it in to use it to push your head down into the mat. Fantastic. So this area is crucial to doing a good teaser. So big breath and exhale dry in a how you might even be advanced enough to feel your waist muscles. Pull in big breath and exhale, pulling in as you curl up. Wonderful. And one more time. Make sure you're not gripping in your hip flexors are tilting your pelvis towards you. And this next breath I want you to again roll down with it.

Good, very good. So I usually can't feel my waist muscles, but then I, if I use the image of a jelly donut, like squeezing, all of a sudden I can feel those ways. Muscles pull once and maybe use some imagery to help target those muscles. So big inhale and we're going to exhale. And on that rolling like a ball tutorial, big breath and exhale.

I worked a lot about grabbing your ankles with your hands, big breasts. We're going to work, build on that and I want you to reach your arms now long towards your ankles, pretending you can grab on to one more breath and exhale, drawing in to pretend you can grab onto those ankles and then press your arms firmly into the mat. They're going to stay there this time for the a hundred oh boy. Big Breath. And we're going to bend one knee in, pulling your belly in [inaudible] and then we're gonna add another one. Our right.

So we're going to scoop your belly in and extend your legs little lower than 90 degrees because we're going to cross to go down. Ready? Here we go. Arm, stay where they are and go down with the legs. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. Again, I'm, what I'm trying to get you to feel and exhale to is your legs reaching up to the ceiling, reaching out of your hip socket. And exhale, two, three, four, five. I want you to feel your lower back into the mat. I want you to feel the side of your hips reaching. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Then inhale to, I want you to feel how grounded your upper body is and again, and reaching those legs and your legs. If they get tired and you can't feel it, don't, you don't have to lower them too low, but you really want to just feel the stability of the upper body. And one more time as if you were reaching for your ankles and pulling up the legs and then hug them in and rest down your neck. Great. How did that feel? Good now. All right, so we're going to press her arms down, out onto the mat and the fee are gonna be right here.

We're going to do the roll up next. Not the rollback, but the roll up. If you have a safety strap at the end of your mat, you can use that. We might use it in a second. If you're just at home and you have an exercise Mat, see if you can put your feet underneath, um, couch or something to hold your feet down if you need extra stability. But what I want you to really focus on is why don't you go ahead and lift your arms up. You actually just staying here. Yeah.

As if you're going to do the roll up. And I want you to see that when she exhales, she really gets the back of the ribs, expand in the lungs onto the mat, right? So another breath, there's no tunnel right here. And exhale it just stained down the whole time. Anchored. Good, good, good. So that's super important because now we're going to press your arms down cause we're, we're going to work on this connection of the back of the ribs on the back of the thigh where it connects to the seat. So I want you to take another breath, breath. And as you exhale, keep the foot on the mat and slide it straight and long. The leg on the mat. Good. All the way down the middle.

It's slightly turns out and see if you can feel the back of the thigh firm and your bod and your glute muscles and basically squeezing down into the mat and then bend the knee. And now this time we're going do two more without stopping. So your belly is going to scoop in as you slide that leg straight and it's this hip flexor, gets a break and bend the knee and one more. So the back of the thigh and the seat. Get to learn how to engage while this pulls in and dive down to the back of the rib and bend in. And now we're going to do the left. We're going to slide back of the thigh and the glue. Beautiful and bend in.

I love this because, and two more. My stomach nevers looked more scooped when and unless I do this part, it just like dives down and it connects with the back of the rib and it gives my hip flexor break and bending in. All right, so now I want you to go ahead and extend the right leg. And so we did it by using these muscles and we're gonna add the left. And ideally this is how your leg should work in the teaser and it should be how they work in the roll up. So we're going to bring your arms up overhead. [inaudible] that's it. And we're going to inhale, bring the arms up and the head up and pause.

So we're going to squeeze this down into the mat as you curl up. So really exhale, add, sit and stretch. So if that is not possible, like I said, slip your feet under a safety strap and it'll start getting that feeling. You can slide back. So it's taught, fix your pants. Sweet. And then reach forward. And we're going to roll back at a deliberate pace.

So soften the knees a little bit. Make sure it's from the hamstrings and the glutes. That's what I'm talking about. We'll do one more slowly and deliberately. So let's see the ribs expand so that we can connect those two, right? Oh, that's so gorgeous. And reaching forward and rolling down.

So in the teaser, your legs don't move. They stay in one spot. Good. And let's do, we're gonna do six more. So arms, you can start moving at a regular pace. Your legs stay in one spot. And the teaser, they reaching ways to learn about it in the roll up, arms, back of the ribs, connect with the back of the thighs. And right here, see this as if you slid your leg straight and you're pulling back and three more back of the ribs. Expand. Watch the knees from pressing. It's all here and scooping into here. That's it. Two more. Exhaling. I love it.

And pulling back the waist first. Thank you. Let's do one more arms. Expand the lungs and get the back of the thighs to connect with that and rolling back. So if you think more about the back of the legs and the lungs for the roll up your teaser, you'll have more luck on it. We're going to press your arms down and you can, if you have the strap, you can keep your leg under it. Or if you don't, you don't need it, but you're gonna bring the right knee into your chest and hug it.

We'll do single leg circles, straightening the right leg up to the ceiling and stretch. Okay, so for the hundred I made you do it with your arms pressed into the mat and I want you to feel that right now your belly pulling in like you did the a hundred your arms reaching for your ankles and now feel your left hamstring and glute squeezing down into the mat. Pull this up with your nose and cross. We're going to do one slowly as the leg goes down, I want it to start working from here, hamstring and glute, and then draw the belly in. Could you feel that it's almost as if you're going to press down a pedal now to tempo. Cross around a good cross around up. You're still should get that connection of the back of the rib, of the right rib, back of the right thigh and glute. The stomach is scooped in. Let's reverse and pressing down with the hamstring loop pressing down the left.

One's really active in the mat, right and two crossing around. Last one, show me that, skip, thank you. And bend the knee in and hug it or put it down. Left knee in good and then extent stretch. Always stretch because again, the teaser, it's getting tough because you're fatigued and those muscles need a stretch. Arms are pressing down back of the right thigh and glute are glued into the mat and we're going to cross slowly. Just give this one a chance to feel the back of the leg as it goes down and then draw the belly and now quickly to tempo. Cross around up. Good.

I'm going to force her to keep this scoop that I told you I love seeing in my body. It was you go down and you connect the back of the left rib with the back of the thigh. One more and let's go the other way. Cross around them, even feel the obliques dropped like two anchors into the mat. Nice. One more love and hug in that knee. Great. Extend that leg. I'm going to take away her little prop right now. And a lot of times after you've done this and you've lied flat, now you can't come back up to sit up for rolling like a ball.

So maybe you have to bend your knees one more time and you're gonna slide the right leg straight from the hamstring and glute re-engaging those muscles, the left. And now you're going to lift your head up and look at those muscles squeezing down to the mat and put your hands onto your thighs. Press. Do you feel that connection? I want you to keep hugging the midline, hugging those legs as you curl up, reaching for your ankles. Nice job. Good. Lift up your bottom forward a little bit to prepare for rolling like a ball.

Good. So if you have a really hard time with rolling like a ball, let's do the first three with your hands under your knees. So, uh Huh. And you can go ahead and straighten your legs just a little more. Not from the knee down, but creating more space here. Excellent feet together. Good. And bring your chin to your chest. Good. And even here, see if you can push the back of the thigh and the bottom into your hands.

So you're kind of pushing the legs a little bit away and then you scoop into your upper back. Guess what? This is the teaser position, right? So you want to feel it here and you're going to inhale rock back. Exhale, rock forward. Good. Two more. Pull the waist away from those thighs. Exhale. So if you push the thighs a little bit into your hands, you'll feel that waste one more time. Pull back. Yes.

So that's pretty easy for her. So if it's not, keep there, keep working on it. And then when you need to move up, you're going to put your hands on your ankles and bring your head between your knees and still you want to exhale and get the back of the rib nice and stretched. And we're gonna pull like the rolling like a ball tutorial. You're just gonna keep pulling your belly into my hand until it sends your center of gravity over and exhale. Good. And two more. Breathing is so important. One, it is a breathing exercise. One more, but exhale, it really allows you to get in that shape. All right, so rest your feet down for a second. Good. So I don't strain and fatigue your muscles while I Chit Chat all about it. So another thing that happens in the teaser is our upper stomach or upper powerhouse I like to call. It also isn't strong enough to do the teaser.

So one way to really try to challenge your upper stomach is to do rolling like a ball with your hands, one over the other, behind your head and your elbows attached to your knees. So go ahead and get into the position normally with your hands. Aha. So you feel really good about it. Thank you. With her powerhouse and Chin to your chest. And then put your hands one over the other and then touch your elbows to your knees. So on your way up, it forces you not to lead with your pelvis.

So let's do three more like this. We're going to end with the air and exhale, elbows to those knees. Good job in with the air. She makes us look easy. It is not exhale. You should feel good burn in your upper stomach. One more lead with the lower back. Exhale, upper stomach hold, and while you're holding, everything should be relaxed. It's up for your stomach and then rest down your feet. Great. Good job. Felt that good. All right. You're going to lift your bottom back a little bit.

Good. Right there. All right. So your knees are still bent and I'm trying to set you up for success. So I want you to go ahead and slow. Um, let's put your hands underneath your knees. Yep. And you're going to do a rollback, so the head to your chest and lead, not with the upper back. I'm going to hold her exhale here, but lead with the lower back and pull yes into my toe and one bone at a time. And then you can slide down that set. Very nice. Good.

And staying down there. So to straighten your legs, I want you to slide your right leg straight on the mat. Go ahead and slide the left leg straight on the mat. Good. And now press your arms into your yes. Into your side of your thighs. Inhale, pull the belly in and exhale. Lift the head up and almost do like you're going to come up and touch a little bit more of your ankle. Yes. Stay there. Use your scoop to bring the right knee into your chest, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. Good.

And you're going to keep working the left hamstring and glute to lift that leg up, reaching it out. Good. And let's switch. Draw the belly in. This is working really hard. Is a scoops in and switch? Yes. And switch. Nice. And Swish shows a lot about that. Hamstring and glue and switch. Good. And switch.

If you can think about reaching for your ankles like you did in that rolling like a ball tutorial and switch. But it's really about the connection of sliding that leg straight from the back of the rib. And one more set and left and hug both knees in. And now we're going to do both legs, but the arms will stay by your side. So slide and an scoop into that upper rib. Yes. And grab. Good.

I just would love you to slowly extend the legs and keep reaching for your ankles. Keep your Aha. Aha, Aha. Good. And now start reaching for your ankles as you pull the knees. Ah, that's just a teeny difference. And reaching. Yes. And now keep reaching for your ankles. Good. Engage the hamstring and glute am. Pull it in. Engage the hamstrings, glutes.

Stay there and reach your arms freely back and exhale back together. Inhale, extend the arms back simultaneously this time, but stay there. Your arms are a lot higher. Still go back down. Dead. Yes. And pull yourself together. Give me one more sliding and together and bend the knees and rest your head.

All right. I'm going to give you a little break since it's a tutorial. I want you to think of single straight leg again about the back of the thigh and the glute. And I want your upper body to really try to get your weight over your waistband. So let's extend both legs up. Good in with the air. Exhale, bring your head up as you reached a both a slight up to both ankles.

Just try to go. Oh Huh. Good, good. Grab just the right ankle. So we're going to keep the left leg here. Okay. All right. Do you feel your tailbone down? You want to? Yeah. You want to feel your pelvis really nice and there and drawing the belly and you're going to pull up as much as you can. Good. And now reach the left leg out and down by using the back of the thigh in the glute. Keep the right leg. We're going to bring the left one up.

Switch your hands and use the back of the thigh. Keep the left leg, pull it up. Beautiful. Grab the right leg. So we're learning how these legs reach out of your powerhouse and pull it up so that you can prep for your teaser better and pulling it up. Now the left leg is going to go down, reaching, reaching, and both legs are like extending and you're going to switch it simultaneously. Yes. And switch and switch. Yes. And switch.

Very good placement. Reaching the back of the right thigh, back of the left thigh, back of the right thigh, back of the left thigh, and bend the knees and rest your head. Very nice. Good. Place your feet flat. Hand over, hand behind your head. Take a big breath and exhale. Draw the belly away from me to roll up really hard. Not Easy. So keep working on that big breath and exhale, coming up a little higher, pulling in any Jelly Donut, right?

And now on the next exhale, we're gonna bring your knees in, big breath and bring the knees in. Extend the legs up and feel if your pelvis is on the mat. Is it good? Alright. And now, big breath. Xcel come up a little higher so you feel the back of your ribs on the mat member. That connection, I want. So back of the ribs with the back of the thighs.

And now push your legs away and down and scoop back up and down and scoop back up. So your is pushing your head into your hands. As your legs go down, your back of your ribs are pushing your head into your hands. One more. It's nothing to do with the quads is the back of the thigh and the seat. Good. And bend the knees and rest your head with your hands behind your head. Those are different parts of your body that when you're just cranking through it, you kind of don't know to use. So now we're going to do the Chris Cross and we're going to do it every time.

I want you to do it like rolling like a ball and touching your elbows to your knees. So we'll keep our knees here. Take a big breath. Exhale, draw your belly in and get your elbows to touch your niece around. It's not easy. Keep your right knee and on your elbow and extend the left leg by what? Slide? In the back of the thighs. Straight and reaching it. And now open that right elbow. Twist. Open it further more. Come on.

Open it. Good. Pull in the left knee. Both elbows to your knees. Keep the right elbow where it is and open the left. Trying. Yes, yes. And pull both knees and touch both elbows to your knees and keep your left elbow where it is. Yes. As the right one opens. Opens. Good. Are we getting that good scoop? Add one more. Touch those elbows higher.

Yes. And opening. Scooping right thigh is this is helping you do a twist more and hug in and rest down. You can hug your knees. Nice job. Good. So ideally on the Chris Cross we are leading more with your shoulder as you twist, not overdoing it with your elbows, who you kind of want to keep that in mind when you're doing that. Don't just cheat by moving with your elbows, but I think you could feel how you had a hold your body up with that. So we're going to do a spine stretch forward. Down. Go ahead and sitting up.

Good. Alright. And we're gonna do it like we did in the rolling. Uh, like a ball tutorial where her hand stay on her thighs. Take a big breath hands right where they were. They were great. And just keep them straight. Almost like the push through on the Cadillac and head down. As you exhale, they slide forward and they move from your power house and then you're going to inhale up. Yeah.

And exhale. Head down. Good. So I gave you two kind of freebies here cause I talk a lot in this tutorial and rolling up. But now I want you to engage. Of course not your knee joint pressing down, but the back of your thigh and your glue. Squeeze up off of it and exhale, feel the back of the rib, Gabe squeezing up of the years you get this space and inhaling up ant two more. Squeeze up, pop your seat and exhaling. This is again very similar to a teaser position and inhaling up, I think we have one more up off that, those and glutes and exhaling. So one thing I want to make sure if you're really, really tight then you can have your feet bent, knees bent or feet hanging off a high mat and rolling up there in ice. Good. Okay.

So now I want you to bring your legs together and we're going to do a prep for open leg rocker. That's going to help you with your teaser. So I want you to bend your knees for a moment. Good and regain, sliding the right leg straight and your stomach scooping and opposition. Ah, they give and now you're left. So we're going to hope. There Ya go. Good.

And even pull back your way a little bit more on your waist. Thank you. You're a center of gravity. Just a little bit further back. There we go. Okay. I love to imagine that there is a string connected from my belly to my ankles and it's like I'm fishing in my feet towards me. So I'm going to keep pulling my belly in as my knees slide up and open a little bit. The feet are going to stay on the mat together. There you go.

And now just to, we're doing the prep, so we're going to keep our hands here and to lift your feet up. You're not going to go forward. You're gonna pull your waist back to bring your ankles to your hands. What do you think? Oh, I told you to keep your feet down, right? So that's not helpful. Just slide him closer to you on the mat. There we go.

Good. Thank you. Okay. She was doing exactly what I said. All right, so we're going to keep your box. Here's the most important thing is that you use your right cheek on the mat and your left. So we want to keep them both there. So if I was looking at Coleen from the back, I would not know she's doing anything in this exercise when she's lifting a leg. Cause we keep this whole square Palladio's box that way. And in fact you're going to get to use the left ball of the foot a little bit to stabilize you as you pull in and extend just the right leg.

So you should feel like both hips are down, your boxes down and you get to return that foot. This again is really understanding. And now we're going to do the left foot. You're gonna push the right ball, the foot down as your belly scoop sin. And what this does is can you feel that your waist is pulling back against that leg? So that's a teaser. So we're again, we're going to do the right. You should feel your waist pull back, not your lower back, locking up on you and put it down.

So you're using all the exercises before it to really nail it for you. Set yourself up for success and put it down, and now we're going to extend the right draw that waist in. Think you keep it up and add the left. Nothing should wobble. Nothing should change. Bend the knees, bringing the feet down. We'll start with the left. So the right ball, the foot will slightly press down, holding it there and extending the left.

If your hands need to be behind your cas, absolutely, that's fine. Bend it down. If you can't straighten your legs all the way, that's fine, but you really want to feel that opposition. Now try to do both legs as your waist pulls back, pulls back. Yep. And stay here and maybe even feel the back of the firing glue. Push into your hands a little bit. As your waist pulls in.

Beautiful and bend down. Let's add a little more choreography. We're gonna extend. So those legs, almost putting both of them up. The waist pulls back the back of the find glue. Push a little bit into those hands. Now use those inner thighs to squeeze. Hold. This is your teaser. Are you pushing a little bit with the hamstrings and glutes more than the quads?

Excellent. Bring them apart and bend down. Beautiful. And now we should at least have some foam with rolling. So we'll go up extending. Feel that and let's go six times. Open leg rocker, rock back and roll up as if you're reaching for your ankles. Remember that cue in with the air and your head comes first. Yes.

And drawing that waist back. Ribs first with the head yes and two and exhale. Oh, that was the nicest one. One more little bit of the back of the thigh too and hold. Very nice. Squeeze your legs together again.

Try to push the back of the thigh into those hands and now pull gesture waist back. You're going to leave the legs. Nice. Bend the knees and they're kind of tired cause it's such a deliberate pace. Press your arms down into the mat. Good. And you're going to extend the legs and you should feel the exact same thing we're going to do. Corkscrew where you go a little right, work the back of the thigh and seat and left and come center from the back of the ribs around. Keep it small. Make sure you feel that connection back of the ribs and the back of the thighs and seat and the stomach scoops.

And now do one set going as big or low as you want. Really kind of getting that stretch feel right. That's very important. Implies very nice. Good. Keep the legs straight. You're gonna Bend Manoa. Let's go ahead and bend the knees in. Good. Grab onto them, stretch and we're going to bring your head up.

Good. And as you come up, I want you to try to keep grabbing onto your ankles. You're just going to try to go for it. Coming on up and reaching for your ankles. And then now while you're here, feet down, slide your leg straight on the mat from the back of the thigh in this seat and then you can open them so that they're ready for the saw. Arms out to the side. Coleen are your both cheeks down. Good. And we're going to squeeze up off that seat, twist to the right and exhale down.

Hold it there for account and check yourself. Is your left hip on the mat? Really important. Inhaling up Coleen's is twisting to the left and you're gonna exhale to that left foot and hold and stay here. Did you grip in this one a call even Coleen could just sit a little more onto that right hip in with the air. Now you know what I'm talking about. Keep both hips down, twist to the right, and exhale.

Squeeze in the air out your left hip is down. Inhaling up, twisting to the left. Add exhaling, scoop, scoop, scoop, reaching. And one more set. Imagine you're lying down on the floor and you have to roll up and touch your feet like in the teaser. So think about it in this position, when you have gravity helping you a little bit, it says if you're rolling up off that Mat, trying to touch your foot and then rolling up all the way and relax. Good. All right, so now we're going to actually go into teaser. So we're going to bring your legs together. Bend your knees. Good. And I want you to have your hands underneath your knees. All right.

So the best way to learn teaser on the mat is teaser prep. So hands stay underneath one over the other. So if I wanted to just teach you a tutorial strictly on the teaser, I would start here. But I wanted to give you all of those tools to learn how to do a better teaser while you're doing your mat work instead of just like throwing it in there. So hand underneath each knee, not crossing [inaudible] and you're gonna Round your back.

But with the shoulders, that nice c curve, like a horseback like we were talking about earlier. Beautiful. And I want you to squeeze your legs together and we're going to do a roll back. So your feet will stay on the mat and you're going to roll back the waistband. Like someone's pulling your waistband, gorgeous. And you're going to slide down your thighs until your head is on the mat and you're going to inhale, lift your head up, and then you're going to expand the lungs. And pull the waist back. Good.

And you're gonna do that one more time. So if this is very hard for you, start with the rolling like a ball tort tutorial because it helps teach you about this. And inhaling up and exhale, scoop, scoop, scoop. Now s good. Now pull back a little bit there. Good. More of pulling back. The waistband on the upper body is what you want to do. And now you try to do teaser with one leg up. So we're going to extend the right. But I want you, since you have that awareness now to push the back of the right thigh into your right hand and roll down and inhale, lift the head up and it's still the right glute instead of the right hip flexor.

One more. You're able to feel that Colleen. Nice job and exhaling scoop, scoop, scoop. And now it's staying there with the body. Easy peasy. You can put that foot down. Switch to the left leg, up and left leg scoop. Good. And in with the air. And exhale, pause and get another left back of the hamstring. Yes. And draw the waist back.

That's good. And in with the year and exhale scoop, scoop, scoop and stay there. So if you had a teacher with you, I would then put both of my, her feet on my thighs and I would hold her hands. Okay. And this is what we do in the studio. I'm showing it to you, not to taught you, but to show you why we do it. Okay. So now she's going to pull me back with her waistband [inaudible] and in with the air lifting the head.

And then can you keep your ribs on the mat? The waistband on the mat. She's resisting me with those muscles to get a deeper sea curve. Two more with me. The back of the thighs, they can also push down her feet into my legs and in with the air and exhale scoop. And one more. So the back of the thighs are going to press down into my legs. Good. One more. Once we're down it should say.

So last one here in with the Eric Field of connection to the back of the ribs and the back of the thighs. Gorgeous. And last time down, really pulling the waist first. I have to do the exact opposite. That to make sure I'm taking care of my body. To Hug your knees in. Good. We're going to do seal. And then I'm going to show you maybe how you could work on that on your own with your feet up against a wall. So go ahead and roll up.

Good. And you're going to let your knees open and put your hands underneath your ankles and dry your waist back to balance. So again, we want to feel the feet kind of pushing into our hands as our waist pulls back in the opposite direction. Always getting that opposition to help you with that teaser. And we're going to clap an inch off the mat. One, two, three and roll back to three. And remember what it felt like to try to reach for your ankles in with the air. So you're leading with the head and upper body and in with Deere.

Clap two, three, exhaling and in with there two, three and exhaling. And let's do one more. We're just gonna stay here though, and we're gonna exhale. Don't come to a standing position. Perfect. And rest your feet down. So let me show you that other tool of how to use the wall to help you do a teaser. All right. So you're at home and you don't have an instructor to breast your feet on, but you to still get stronger on your teaser. So you can put your, do it with your feet against the wall.

So we'll build up to that just like we did earlier. You gonna put your hands underneath your knees and we'll do a roll back, right? So you're gonna keep your upper body here, bring your chin to your chest and round your lower back rather than continuing to take your upper body back. Okay. And now pull that waist back and she's rolling down one vertebra at a time. And then inhale, lift the head up, pulling just like you did in the hundred, the waist into the mat away from me. Good.

And one more. Pulling the waist back. This bone first. Good. And in with the year and Xcel scoop banana. Nice. Hold that right there. Cause in the, um, teaser, you're Kinda have this v position, right. Okay. So the thighs are at that level, the upper body, and we're gonna extend the right leg. Good. And it can either, yeah, that's good. It doesn't need to touch the wall right now. So right there, and we're gonna draw the waist back. Good. Even pushing your hands, your back of your thighs into your hands like we talked about earlier in with the air. And exhale, feel the back of the ribs a little bit more. That kind of lift a little prematurely. So pull the waist back. Good. And head. And in house, I'm forcing her to really use her breath to exhale here.

And now breast that right foot down. And let's add the left. Oh, you okay. All alright. Lead with the waist, pushing the back of the thighs into your hands and head in with your breathe. And one more back of the thighs. Roll down one bone at a time and with the air and exhaling. Let's get that scoop. Okay, now you're gonna keep the left leg up and extend the right as well.

Good. And push the back of the thighs into your hands a little bit as you lower the ball, the foot onto the wall. Good. So you're going to really work the back of the thigh. Now to keep the legs there, drew, look down, draw your waist in and rolling back. Her legs are a little low in with deer. And exhale, keep squeezing from here. Good.

Would you like to bring your bottom forward a little bit? Just a little bit. So you can keep going towards the wall, but you don't want your heels completely against the wall and rolling. You don't want your foot in a flex position. So you're kind of pushing, pushing the ball, the f a foot into the wall and in with the air and Xcel. So good. One more. Play around with this at home. Tell me, give me some feedback. How does it feel? One more time. Love hearing your comments in with the air. Pull the waist back, scoop it in.

And the lovely part about the wall is you can keep, now you can put your heels on the wall, rest your feet there, crawl up, reach all the way, grab onto your ankles, actually for me, and then using your waist. Let's stretch forward. Bend your elbows. Just get a delicious, lovely stretch that you deserve. So thank you for joining me for tutorial on the teaser.

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Kristina D
1 person likes this.
Thanks Monica, I liked the way you taught the teaser. Takes time to organise the feet on the wall but with practice I can move my focus away from the feet if you understand what I mean. Kristina
1 person likes this.
Wonderful teaching as always. Something I need a lot of practice on. I am wondering if you also have a tutorial for this on the equipment.

Thank you.
Monica Wilson
I’m so glad you enjoyed this tutorial and that it is helpful! I do not believe I have one that specifically details the teaser on the reformer but that is a great idea! I know I “broke down” the long box exercises a while back back with Kristi as my student but most recently, check out class # 3426. I think you might enjoy the way I eased Joe into doing an amazing teaser! Thank you for your comments! Monica:)
1 person likes this.
Hi Monica Wilson thank you for that tutorial. It was great. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for issues with my cossacks bone when doing teaser. It really hurts.
Monica Wilson
Hi Margie, I would love to help! Tell me a little more...Did you mean Coccyx bone? Did you injure it? Is it just uncomfortable when you are rolling through it?
1 person likes this.
Great tutorial really helpful tips with all the prep exercises as well. Thank you. I sometimes have a problem with my sit bones been uneven as I come up. I roll over one and then the other. Is this because I’m using my hip flexors instead of my glutes and hamstrings ?
1 person likes this.
Once again, brilliant class, thanks so much!
2 people like this.
Your cueing is always so good! Even doing the same basic moves I learn so much from you!
1 person likes this.
Thank you are teaching me so much sin I am a beginner student. You are a mar velos teacher.
1 person likes this.
you are cueing us perfectly...basic but crucial points...thank you Monica Wilson
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