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One Leg Circle

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Brett Howard breaks down the One Leg Circle (also known as the Single Leg Circle) by looking at which parts of the body are mobile and which parts are stable. He shows basic variations that can be used as building blocks to the full version, which Joseph Pilates included in his book, Return to Life. Brett also uses props and plays with timing to ensure good control and form.
What You'll Need: Mat, Small Tennis Ball, Overball, Pilates Pole

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Sep 19, 2014
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Hi, my name is Brad Howard, and today I will be reviewing the single leg or the one leg circle. So in return to life it was called the one leg circle, but Ramana, my teacher always ref...

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Very clever Instruction.
Perhaps, Mr Howard will give us a Tutorial for all the Mat Exercises?
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Thanks a lot for the tutoríal:)))??
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Thank you! This made my day! :)
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Really great details on every aspect of the movement! I will definitely try the props. I agree , can we get Brett to do a tutorial on every mat exercise?
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Thank you for so many useful tips! Please, go on with a mat tutorial.
Great detailed overview.
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Excellent tutorial, I really liked how you used the props to assist. Agree on Brett doing more tutorials for Mat exercises :)
This was fantastic! Thank you.
Exceptional instruction ! So very clear, comprehensive, and... useful. More of Brett's tutorials please !!
One leg circle is deceptively difficult to do and teach, but with your great tutorial it will make it easier. I love the bar across the stomach.. Can't wait to try that myself!
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